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VPN Unlimited Now Features DNS Firewall – Free Update For Increased Protection

KeepSolid adds anti-malware, ad-blocking and stop tracking to its flagman app

New York, New York City – April 12, 2017 – Today KeepSolid announced the release of a new update of VPN Unlimited, featuring DNS Firewall. This new version blocks malware, ads and tracking web resources. In addition to a top-notch VPN service, now VPN Unlimited has all users might need to browse the web securely, privately and protected. The update is available for free download on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. It will be also available for Linux in a few hours.

DNS Firewall is a unique solution that combines three tools: anti-tracking, ad-blocking and anti-malware in one. By just changing an IP address, you are not totally protected from tracking systems. In the new update, VPN Unlimited solves this issue, stops tracking tools from spying on your browsing activities. An ad-blocking function bans nearly all ads both on websites and in apps, which is pretty unique even for ad-blocking apps. It works smoothly on iOS and Android, as well as on desktops. VPN Unlimited will also filter traffic to prevent malware from infecting your devices.

In case users want to block some site that is not listed as a spammy one, they can manually add it to the Black List in the app. As well as add some web resources to the White List so they never get banned. White lists have a higher priority than Black lists.

Thanks to the DNS Firewall, users will have a long sought-after ad-free and safe web browsing experience. In the near future, KeepSolid will add a possibility to set up DNS Firewall on routers and Windows Phones too.

About the service:
VPN Unlimited creates an encrypted tunnel, and all user activity travels through it. This means that all the data they send or receive is hidden from hackers, sniffers, and spies because it is inside that tunnel. A tunnel is established between your device and one of 1200+ reliable servers of VPN Unlimited, located in 70+ regions around the globe.

Not only your connection will be protected, your geographic location and IP will be hidden too. This will let you surf the web without any restrictions or limits. Whether inside your country, or on a business trip, or on vacation, you will have access to your favorite web resources even in the regions with strict internet censorship.

VPN Unlimited is a cross-platform service, available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone, Linux, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

When: Today, April 12, 2017
Where: iTunes Store, Mac App Store, Google Play, Windows, Linux

More information about VPN Unlimited: www.vpnunlimitedapp.com