How To Avoid Incidents Like Charlotte, NC

As a white man in Los Angeles, I have to be careful not to offend any of my fellow co-inhabitants. Notice I didn’t say “citizens” because that term itself can be problematic, considering the demographic of Los Angeles County. These are the types of things that we MUST be aware of when we leave our homes as white men. I hear all of these stories on HuffPo about how white supremacy creeps into our everyday lives even when we don’t realize it. This generalization frightens me; I do feel that it is my civic duty as a white man to shield non-whites and women from anything that could offend them. Obviously, I am intelligent enough to avoid it again, whereas they may not have that luxury.

It’s 2016, we have a fantastic black president, and on the horizon is yet another glass ceiling to be shattered: electing a woman POTUS (finally). These may seem like major strides, but as heroes like Colin Kaepernick have shown us, the work is far from over. There is an internalized white supremacy even within the PoC community ranging from the obvious culprits like Sheriff David Clarke, Wayne Dupree and Lil Wayne.

So what are we to do about this? It is our duty as whites to take charge and end racism. It is in no way the obligation of PoC to end harmful stereotypes no matter what “data” from the racist FBI may suggest. After all, they are such a small percentage of the population, they cannot, and should not be expected to be “held accountable” for things that are clearly issues of white oppression and poverty.

The way in which we as the oppressor can make a difference towards a more diverse and equal society is easy! I have compiled a list for you to read and believe.

1. Always believe the victim’s family and neighborhood accounts.

This shouldn’t even be a question anymore in 2016. When a PoC is slain innocently by the Gestapo we call the police, it is imperative that we take it for what it is: lynching for the modern age. We saw the carnage of Ferguson after Michael Brown was murdered. The nay-sayers and racists of the “Alt-Right” like Steven Crowder made calls to stop our crusade for justice by insisting we “wait for facts.” I think it’s pretty clear in each and every account that police are out to get young black men. Would a white man have been killed in the same scenario? There are numerous accounts of whites shoplifting (though they called Ferguson a ‘strong arm robbery’ apparently because Brown was a PoC) and not being brutally killed in the streets. Any “data” “proving” Mr. Brown reached for the pig’s gun is just another sign of our fascist police force attempting to cover their tracks. It is our duty as white people to accept this AS FACT. African-Americans typically do not go into STEM fields as often, and therefore “white man’s” science exists only to confuse them.

2. Take responsibility for PoC activism.

One issue I can never wrap my mind around is how whites can be so selfish. When the empowered and woke PoC activists war against systemic racism, we don’t martyr for the cause. These brave men and women use alternative tactics against local shop owners who serve oppressors, and we stay silent as they’re carried away. We absolutely have to utilize our privilege as whites to take responsibility in the eyes of the authority. After all, we are at the root of it, responsible. America is far from Norway, though we should strive to be. They lead the way in acknowledging their dark and evil roots.

3. Date WoC (If they are interested in you.)

As one of the most victimized groups within our society, we should only take their word as truth on all subjects. This should be obvious, but dating WoC, (especially black women), should be something we seek to accomplish regardless of whether or not we agree with them. Not agreeing with a WoC, and not acknowledging your white privilege is yet another cog in the system that keeps the female black population herpes infection rate at 48%. If whites would simply have more romantic relationships with black women, then this would not be the case. It is our duty as enlightened and open minded people to help spread diversity and awareness in ways that are sensitive to the opinions of WoC.

4. Accept The Truth: Your Skin Is Your Burden.

White people are a curse. It is as simple as that. Other races and people acknowledge that! Why is it that us whites cannot accept what other more enlightened races can? Everyday, you as a white person should try to atone for the sins of your forefathers. I would start simply by following this list and donating directly to the true champions of diversity and equality whom I have listed below.

Shaun King –

George Soros & The Open Society Foundations –

The Young Turks –

Hillary Clinton for President Campaign



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