I’m Beginning To Lose Hope

I wish people would see past their political differences to see the big picture.

We need to stop being obsessed with the cult of personality, which is poison in politics. A lot of people think I am a big fan of the president, but I am not. I am however, happy about this presidency, because it is extremely necessary.

Sadly though, the political divide in this country runs so deep that people don’t understand the aforementioned necessity. Character traits, unfounded accusations, and personal biases keep us blinded from reality.

What I have been writing about for over 10 years is finally starting to creep out into the public. The establishment (deep state, new world order, the swamp), who has successfully kept us in the dark for at least 70 years, now has a light shining on them. Too bad we’re distracted with one another’s preconceived biases.

A lot of the insults that get hurled back and forth towards one another’s preferred “team” are warranted, but we as humans get defensive, and it turns personal. That’s exactly what is wanted. Social issues are toxic, and were injected into modern-era politics as a tool of division.

As I’ve stated, President Trump is not part of the establishment, and he is spotlighting many of the laws, unconstitutional or otherwise, that the establishment needs to control us. That’s the main goal; control. The “left and right” have now come together, along with their propaganda arms in the media, are now openly aligned with one another. Those who we thought were conservative are now pushing for open borders and fighting against tax cuts. Those who are liberal are pushing for war and censorship of political adversaries.

In order for the establishment to stay in and gain more power, an unwitting public must stay distracted, and more importantly, stay dependent on the government for goods and services. We’ve been made to believe we can’t depend on ourselves for these goods and services.

My first and foremost political ideology centers around personal responsibility, so it’s understandable that I lean classically libertarian. Conservatives think they are promoting politicians who want smaller government, but please tell me one thing that conservatives have conserved over the last few decades. Liberals have turned into, whether they support it or not, those who embrace globalism, the most effective weapon the establishment has. Total power by the establishment transcends American politics. Those with limited knowledge on what I call the establishment think Soros or the Koch brothers, but it goes much, much deeper..think Rothschild and Bilderberg.

Our liberty is what makes this country more free, gives us more opportunity,is less racist, less homophobic, and less any other-phobic than any other place on earth. Globalism is liberty’s biggest enemy, and those who would like to user us into it need to keep us divided.

Do I wish we had a different person to combat the establishment? Yes, but we have what we have now. I am going to make a grim prediction. His time in office will be cut short by the establishment, and those who cheer it will be welcoming a death spiral into globalism this country can’t escape, and those who supported Trump, will be too angry to see what’s right in front of their faces.

People say we should come together, but 99.9% of the time, it means come to their side. People MUST come together to recognize the true threat to all of us. It’s not one president or politician. It’s much bigger, and it’s just about too late to do anything about it. I will never lose hope in the system that made this country once great, but I’m losing hope in the people that are turning their back on it. In the words of President Trump, sad!


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