Jeremy Corbyn endorsed by Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer Media mostly silent about the endorsement

Tomorrow it’s going to happen, the British elections. Currently the Conservative Party candidate and incumbent PM Theresa May continues to stay first in the polls and is likely to win a majority. However her main opponent the Labour Party candidate Jeremy Corbyn has been surging recently which means the election could be closer than anticipated.

Jeremy Corbyn has been one of the most unpopular Labour Party candidates in recent history. A diehard far-left socialist, he promised to bring Labour back to it’s left-wing roots that have significantly disappeared since Tony Blair brought in the more moderate New Labour era.

But Corbyn’s history with Radical Islamic extremist groups, his praise for socialist dictators like Hugo Chavez and his decision to hire a campaign manager that was part of the British Communist Party until last year has definitely not earned him any favors.

And now on the last day a new extremist has emerged but from a different angle. Andrew Anglin the editor of neo-nazi news website The Daily Stormer has changed his banner to proudly show his support for the Labour leader. And he even made an article to clarify that he’s very serious about this.
Andrew Anglin, who went through a lot of political and philosophical ideas before aligning himself with neo-nazism made his first news website in 2012 called Total Fascism. However because he felt the site was not appealing enough for younger audiences he created The Daily Stormer in 2013.

The Daily Stormer which is named after the NSDAP’s news paper Der Sturmer, mostly focuses on short, provocative articles about current events with a strong focus on dark humor and meme culture. The site includes segments such as “race war” and “Jewish Question” and many of its titles and thumbnails often include caricatures and insults towards Jews and blacks


The site has also been criticized by other white nationalist and Alt Right figures like Jared Taylor and Colin Liddell for its provocative humor and lowbrow commentary. While others like the Traditionalist Youth Network have praised it. It’s currently being sued by the left-wing watchdog group Southern Poverty Law Center and the site is raising money for their legal fund.

His endorsement of Donald Trump back in 2015 led to a lot coverage about it with a lot of outrage in the media calling for Trump to denounce him. But now that he has endorsed Jeremy Corbyn there has been a lot of silence.

While it’s unusual for white supremacists to support a communist sympathizing candidate like Corbyn, In his article “This is Real: I’m Not Joking About Endorsing Jeremy Corbyn” he gives an elaborate explanation as to why he endorses Jeremy Corbyn over Theresa May.
First he argues against the idea that Tories are harder on immigration. Showing graphs that immigration has never been higher in recent year under Cameron’s administration. He also mentions how Corbyn was much more neutral on the issue of Brexit while May actively campaigned to Remain, despite the fact that she kept the Tory promise and has triggered Article 50 to leave the EU.

But the main reason he supports Corbyn is for his infamy with the Jewish community, his association with anti-semitic groups and for being “anti-globalist” citing him as Anti-Israel and Anti-Free Trade.

Now I’m not one to care much about random people endorsing him, since he can’t choose who endorses him, it’s just guilt by association and I think he has ties with much worse people than him however the clear difference between how the media chose to react to his endorsement of Trump compared to his endorsement of Corbyn shows a very clear double standard.



So I’m calling for the media to stop its hypocrisy and cover this endorsement as well as call for him to denounce his endorsement. I doubt it will happen, but I will not be silent on that.