Kasich Takes A Stand For Pro-Gun Legislation In The Wake of OSU

Handgun lying over a copy of the United States constitution and the American flag.
Artan posing beside Ronald McDonald. His friends noted his great love of America – a love which Artan apparently did not find in conflict with his violent faith.

After the shocking attack upon OSU, carried out by the Somali Islamic dogmatist, Abdul Ali Razak Artan, Ohio Governor, John Kasich signed into law (in what seems like race to see just how much legislative action he can press upon his state in the shortest amount of time) a bill which would allow what many Americans deem unthinkable, the ability to carry concealed arms on college campuses. The bill, titled SB 199, (which you can read here sb199_04_PH) would allow concealed carry on not just college campuses but also in a wide variety of public arenas, such as airports and daycare centers.

However, the bill features some caveats, much like the established Ohio law which allows concealed carry on campuses but allows colleges to opt-out if they so chose, so too does Kasich’s bill allow individual businesses to opt-out, if they should so decide. Therefore a great deal of the hubbub surrounding the bill falls flat – it’s not as if the state is going to force private daycare centers to admit those who  are armed to the teeth.

Yet, there are some major changes, for after all, if the only thing SB 199 did was allow businesses to opt-out of the program then it might as well not have been passed given that the campus laws already in place would have done basically the same thing. The bill fixes this problem by making it illegal for businesses to ban handgun owners from carrying live arms in their parking lots.

The bill will take effect in under 90 days.


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