Kurten returns as UK Independence Party Education Spokesman The London AM tells NMC that members' support the reason for decision

David Kurten has returned as the UK Independence Party’s Education Spokesman, just one week after stepping down from the role.

Kurten, 46, made the decision to quit the post last week after new leader Henry Bolton chose to name Margot Parker as his deputy after promising the role to Kurten during the leadership contest in which the London AM came third.

The decision was met with criticism from a range of the party’s fanbase, with whom Kurten has become a favourite, and the support received has encouraged him to carry-on.

“Since last week, many members have written and spoken to me and encouraged me to continue as Education Spokesman,” Kurten told NMC, adding: “Given what the Government are doing at the moment with regards to education, I feel that UKIP needs a voice to challenge so I’ve decided to take the role up again.”

Asked how the situation arose with Bolton, Kurten said: “Henry and I met yesterday to discuss the role and policy development, and I’ve been assured that I’ll have a voice to ensure UKIP’s position on education will be heard.”

Speaking to the official UKIP website, Bolton said: “By reappointing David into this role my top team nears completion. I am certain that David will continue in his sterling work both on the London Assembly where he has provided serious opposition to Sadiq Khan and in the education field where he will continue work on ensuring our children get the education, training and opportunities they deserve.”

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