Lana Del Rey “Binds” Donald Trump with Witchcraft

No, the title is not clickbait, rather, a accurate description of current events.

On February the 24th, witches and occultists the world over planned and “cast” a spell upon the current president of the United States under the auspices of the waning crescent moon. “The type of spell in question?” You might rightly ask if you are interested in those sorts of things – a binding spell. As opposed to a hex or curse, which seeks to damage or kill the intended target, a binding spell is believed to prevent the target from doing harm to others. The coven of internet witches were aided in their efforts and dualy supported by the pop singer, Lana Del Rey who wrote online:

At the stroke of midnight
Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23
Ingredients can b found online

Given the cryptic nature of Del Rey’s online post, questions to the singer began pouring at which point a spokesperson for the musician-turned-occultist stated that she was indeed supporting the efforts. Del Rey’s spokesperson further stated that the singer’s opinion on the perfect ingredients for the spell included: an unflattering photograph of Donald Trump, a small bowl of water, a small nail, a tiny stub of an orange candle and a Tower tarot card.

Curiously, this is not the first time “witches” and other magic users have attempted to thwart the plans of Donald Trump through ritualistic and arcane practices. For instance, in late 2015 a group of occultists attempted to “hex” the president in a effort to stop his political campaign (they even made a little video about it which you can see here) and again just a month ago a Facebook group called, One Million Witches Against Trump’s Heart, focus their energies on the president in a attempt to “snap his arteries,” the witches add that, though murderous as their intent sounds, they state that, “We don’t wanna kill him, we just wanna break his heart.” Uh-huh…

As of yet their spell seems to have done little to hamper Mr. Trump or his cabinet’s efforts.