Learning from Jordan B Peterson

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A lot of media attention has been emanating from esteemed Toronto Professor Jordan B.
Peterson. From his words, a cultural movement is pushing back against leftist censorship and
propaganda. Peterson gives the lesson of truth, the truth.

What makes him an enemy to the left is the simple fact that he voices truth. Leftists would argue
that truth has no real meaning; it’s all relative and a matter of opinion. Gender has no truth, you
see, it’s all relative, has no meaning. Sexual Dimorphism has no truth, you see, it’s all relative,
has no meaning. The spoken word has no truth, you see, it’s all relative, has no meaning. Life has
no truth, you see, it’s all relative, has no meaning. It is of no surprise that a major book he wrote
his called “Maps of Meaning”.

For the man to push back against the lies, he will make enemies out of the intelligentsia of his
professors, the media, and the youth who attend our schools. The youth, who believe the
relativity argument, will of course join their leftist leaders in the protests to shout him down
where he goes.

Peterson is constantly walking a fine line of what is acceptable speech in our country. Truth
simply won’t stand. Leftism has gripped Canada with a clenched fist. Only drips of truth are
starting to pour out from between its fingers.

For Christ’s Sake

Most importantly from his lectures and his writings, is that he is evidence that Christ is still
relevant in today’s world, despite its brokenness and disarray. His lectures have even convinced
the haughtiest of atheists, (including me when I as one), to understand the meanings of who
Christ is, on secular terms.

I had struggled to understand what Peterson spoke of. Surely religion is only for the stupid and
gullible, right, Hitchens?

I had talked to friend about the professor and what he said, asked him many questions as to why
Peterson would believe the “axiomatic western presuppositions” of Christianity.
My friend had smiled widely, saying, “You know of Christ, but you do not know Christ. He
knows Christ.”

I won’t forget what he said. It rung clear to me in Peterson’s actions when, during a speech he
gave at a campus, he showed saintly restraint when people tried to shout him down and censor
him. The most ironic thing, is that he simply spoke of truth, of free speech.

Socratic Method

I have a bad feeling about the esteemed professor. Not because I think he’s wrong, but because I
think he’s right. History had shown us what happens to men that go against the masses and the
state, some are crucified, some drink hemlock for corrupting the youth.

I remember seeing a video of that same protest. The professor was being followed by supporters
and students, shaking his hand and talking with him and they walked on. The man speaks of
truth, wisdom, philosophy and western culture. Yet his enemies repeated the same phrases which
grew drearier the longer they shrieked. They were certainly unsorted.

We’re inching our way into deeper progressivism every day. Into chaos, every day. With
progressivism, nothing is sacred, not even truth. Peterson is heading into his own proverbial
belly of the beast. At it seems those who follow him, consciously or unconsciously, will find this
revelation too.


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