Leftism isn’t Politics, it’s Religion

V0036003 Pagans worshipping a statue of Niobe (?). Etching by G.B. Ga Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images images@wellcome.ac.uk http://wellcomeimages.org Pagans worshipping a statue of Niobe (?). Etching by G.B. Galestruzzi, 1656, after Polidoro da Caravaggio. Published: - Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

When you argue with a leftist, you’re not having a political disagreement. You’re engaging a radical that views you as a blasphemer. It has all of the markers that any other religion has. It’s not even particularly modern or civilized, just very convinced of its own righteousness. Although, it is fascinatingly bizarre to watch them preach moral superiority and moral relativity simultaneously.

It has its different sects, different denominations. Feminists, racial activists, climate alarmists, redistributionists, etc. But the holiest of holies remains the same. The state. All tithes and offerings, all sacraments and worship are directed towards DC and ultimately, Brussels. This is the true intersectionality. When it seems that leftists have no consistency in regards to standards, or ethics, or behavior, why they will adopt a completely different set of rules whenever they please, it will make a lot more sense when you understand the purpose always is to grow the state.

You’ll notice with abortion in the news as much as it has been recently how zealous they are for it. It’s hard to think of a leftist cause more vociferously fought for than abortion. It’s particularly central to the feminism denomination for a few additional reasons, but it speaks at the core of the belief right from the very beginning. After all, the power of life and death is surely God’s domain, and the philosophy of abortion is the pruning of the collective.

Additionally, for the gynocentrics, it’s crucial to their brand of faith. A woman cannot be derailed from her feminist destiny by motherhood. The mythos of the strong, independent woman who graduates valedictorian, goes to Harvard, and becomes president with a nary a hand from a dirty man is struck down when she gets knocked up at sixteen. Pregnancy is the sword of doom over feminists. It’s reality, not misogyny, that foils them. When you bring another person into the world, your dreams and goals don’t matter like they used to. That new person is more important than you.

Being a deadbeat parent justifiably carries a negative stigma, although even that is lessening nowadays. But if you can just “nip that little problem in the bud” well, that’s completely understandable so long as everyone keeps whistling past the graveyard. It is feminists’ desire to defy the supposed confines imposed on women by nature, not men, that makes abortion so sacred. Human nature’s urge to deny personal responsibility at any cost plays a role in the larger picture, but for them it is key to ignoring their incredible innate power in favor of material pursuits. This is why it is so forcefully defended. Why absolutely every effort is made to obscure the reality of abortion in the argument, no matter how absurd or horrific.

Abortion is not simple murder, it’s human sacrifice. In our modern, civilized, scientific era the most barbaric religious practice in human history is more popular than ever. But leftism is a broad, all encompassing belief system, and the hallmarks of organized religion can be found everywhere.

One might think that because it is largely a secular idea structure that leftism would have no supreme beings, but it does. Aliens.

It’s not that the left are UFO conspiracy theorists. It’s not about current or past contact with extraterrestrials but rather theoretical future contact. To accurately describe this we must bring up another religious aspect of leftism, their vision of paradise. And what is their utopian ideal? Star Trek.

Again, that isn’t to say leftists are trekkies. What we’re discussing is the future of humanity as depicted in the fictional universe. Not as a literal prediction but as a metaphor. In the shows, the many tribulations of humanity have largely been resolved. Broadly speaking there is no war, no poverty, no epidemics, and no serious disagreements within the governing body. Naturally, that also means no private ownership or industry, no currency, and no independence from said governing body.

What the left preaches is that the keys to heaven lie in an as yet undiscovered formula that prescribes the perfect balance of regulation, technology, and collective investment. The world as visualized in Star Trek is the goal. This is why none of the failed socialist nations had real socialism. Because they have faith. Of course it wasn’t real. If it was, it would have worked.

Which now circles back around to aliens. It is a common assumption held by many today, using arguably fallacious logic, that extraterrestrial life is a virtual certainty. Some of the most hardnosed, skeptical minds indulge the sentiment with nothing more to go one than a loose idea of odds in a cosmic casino. A few years ago, a show on the Discovery Channel had Stephen Hawking simply postulating in narration over cgi lifeforms with no more bearing on reality than anything from Hollywood. More life, better life, just has to be out there somewhere. Sensationalism in headlines is far from rare, but check every time there is an article with exciting space news. Actually read the article and you will discover the news is not really that exciting, if not outright clickbait, by the time you get to the fourth or fifth paragraph. You know, the paragraphs 98% of readers never get to.

It is with a vision of utopia based in science fiction that hypothetical beings become supreme. Born aloft on spacefaring wings of collectivism. Whatever primitive past they might have had, eventually they shed their bonds and achieved perfection. Surely no wise, all knowing race from the stars would have analogues of capitalism, independence, private property, or a bill of rights. They would have achieved Marx’s ultimate vision millennia before Marx was born. And leftists seek deliverance by these supreme beings from the heretics with which they must share a planet.

And since we’re going in that direction, not only does leftism have it’s own paradise like a religion, due to the aforementioned heretics it also has a doomsday prophecy. This one isn’t hard to see, it’s climate change.

Repent of your environmental sins, for the end is nigh. 12 years nigh to be exact.

It could be the one thing that is as fervently preached as abortion because it speaks directly to the leftist core belief of centralization and control. And like abortion and life among the stars, it is elemental to another tenet of leftism, that human life is in no way a special or significant development.

But it’s important to note that through all of the rhetoric of climate change, the solution is the almighty state. It’s the solution to everything. Because the state is god.

So ritual sacrifice, paradise, supreme beings, and doomsday prophecies. Could leftism fit the description of a religion any more perfectly? Actually, yes.

Leftism has its own sins and blasphemies as well as its own penances. It has high priests (politicians), proselytizers (media and academia), and inquisitors (activists). There can be no genuine debate about taxes because all you have belongs to the collective, nor about regulation because those are holy commandments. Really, there will be no debate about anything, because on top of all of the other aspects of religion they have, they also have infidels. Namely, you.


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