Legalizing Pot Or Anything Is A Bad Idea

People who are for the legalization of marijuana in the United States should think about it little more. The many groups who fought for and won legalization of their preferred causes over the course of history are nothing more than big government enablers, or statists.

I am not anti-pot. I am just a person who looks at political history in America, and I want to do pro marijuana activists a huge favor.

A popular slogan I see repeated is “Legalize. Medicate. Regulate. Educate.” Things like this lead me to believe that when certain groups are so desperate to have a victory for their cause, they don’t think about an end game. Government regulation in any form… in any aspect of life has produced nothing but terrible results. Has our trust in government blinded us from their broken promises, fraudulent activities, and outright violations of the Constitution?


How is government regulation of our water and food supply working out for us? What about our education system? How about our economy as a whole? No segment of society is better now than it was before government regulated it.

People often complain that everything is politicized in our society. Well, whose fault is that? You wanted the government to define marriage. You want government to keep their hands off your reproductive organs, but you want them to fund your birth control and healthcare. We certainly don’t want elected politicians dictating our children’s lives, but we have no choice now because bureaucrats educate and indoctrinate our children into obeying government authority over their own parents.

American statists are responsible for letting government turn every right into a privilege. You need to pay fees to drive your car, park your car, walk in certain parks, talk on a phone, get married, get divorced, have a baby, and even die. Even if you have the money to pay those fees, government can’t still deny you any of those privileges.


So you see, just about anything you can think of has been politicized and taken over by government officials…even your actual thinking in some cases. And now, in an election year, the same authority loving statists are going to vote for more government any way you look at it. We have Republicans who want to spend more of your money to continue the growth of the military industrial complex, a part of government who has managed make war a lucrative business. We have Democrats who want to reign in Wall Street and bankers who own a majority of wealth in this country, but fail to tell you their policies made that possible in the first case. We have a Socialist who wants to fight the strong-arm of government, but at the same time, wants to make government even stronger. He says we should have a right to know what’s in the food we eat? The FDA is supposed to protect us, but has been bought by corporations who use poison to mass produce certain products. Some politicians show a distrust in government in that aspect, but turn a blind eye to other hijacked segments such as science, healthcare, education, energy, policing, and media among other things. We have Libertarians who want government out of our lives, but want government to regulate recreational marijuana.

How has that worked for the cigarette industry? It was once just tobacco, but now cigarettes are loaded with 100’s of toxins and substances designed to keep smokers addicted. So basically, your addiction to cigarettes keeps you dependent on government. The cost of them also keep rising, and the tax revenue has been promised to go towards children’s healthcare. Has the cost of any healthcare gone down as a result? No, and it’s because government is regulating it now. more than ever. My healthcare costs have gone up considerably, and it’s because it helps to pay for those who don’t have to pay, such as government officials, who exceedingly better coverage than you and I. What should be our right to take care of, or not take care of our own health coverage has become a law that can fine or imprison us. It’s totally disgusting.

Do you really want your recreational, and medical marijuana to be government regulated? Do you want the plants you’ll ingest, inject, or inhale be fed by the same government regulated water that is polluted by deadly poisons and neurotoxins such as lead and fluoride? Do you want GMO cannabis seeds that were created in a lab by a corporation that uses deadly herbicides and insecticides, and pays off the government agency created to keep us safe from poisons to tell us it’s safe?

We already have scientists, doctors, law enforcement, teachers, and others who have been bribed by corporations and their government partners to lie to us about almost everything and everything in our lives in order to make more money, and stay in power. Whether its our food and water, electricity, communications, education, terrorism, our health, and even the climate, why can’t you wake up to the fact that those aforementioned aspects of our lives are regulated by people who create a crisis out of each one in order to generate more revenue from the taxes and fees them impose on us?

Do you still think that government legalization and regulation of marijuana is a good thing? If you answered yes, then you are no better than the folks who believe roads can’t exist without government. There’s no difference between someone who wants pot legalized and someone who thinks government can create jobs, bring hope and change, or make America great again.

Leave Americans alone, and let them make any choices they want in their lives, so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Any form of government regulation equals force.


About Sal

Sal is the founder and co-owner of New Media Central. New Media Central began as a political blog in 2012, and by mid 2016, the site became a home for independent journalists and political commentators. Email:
Sal is the founder and co-owner of New Media Central. New Media Central began as a political blog in 2012, and by mid 2016, the site became a home for independent journalists and political commentators. Email: