Let’s Look At The Specifics

The trend I’m seeing is a disregard for specific circumstances.

Let’s look at ten murdered people.

Tamir Rice was a child with a toy gun who was shot by police when calls were made by a witness who stated that he was pointing a gun at random people.

Michael Brown was killed by a police officer after assaulting the cop who questioned him about a crime he was guilty of committing.

Alton Sterling was a career criminal with a record of assault and rape who was shot by police while they were wrestling him to the ground and discovered he had a gun.

Trayvon Martin was shot after he attacked an overzealous neighborhood watch guy who was busting his balls.

The guy in Minnesota, Philando Castile, was shot because he was reaching for his ID after he told the cop he had a legal gun. The video shows the aftermath. The cop said he told him not to reach for it. His wife says he didn’t, and the cop asked for ID.

Those five deaths, among others are examples cited by Black lives matter as racism in the justice system.

Five cops in Dallas who were not involved in any questionable investigations, and have clean service records were killed while working security for a black lives matter rally. Those five deaths, among others, are examples cited by Black lives Matter as justice being served.

I only hope that those five police officers did not die in vain, and this culmination of events effectively destroys the credibility of Black lives matter with anyone outside their own twisted movement.


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