Logan Paul Cancels Vlogging Trip To Auschwitz

Much to the disappointment of his legion of 12 year old fans, Logan Paul has announced that he is taking a break from social media due to the backlash he faced earlier this month for featuring the dead body of a suicide victim in a vlog. Unfortunately this also means that Logan Paul has cancelled his much anticipated vlogging trip to Auschwitz.

The move has come as a surprise to many, as Logan has been hyping up this trip for months. Logan had originally planned to do a “12 Hour Overnight Challenge”, a popular challenge on YouTube in which YouTubers spend the night at secluded or interesting locations. Logan had also planned to vlog some fun child-friendly activities within the world famous concentration camp, such as using an Ouija board at 6am, and playing a big game of hide and seek with his other vlogger friends.

A spokesperson for Logan told us: “It’s with a heavy heart that Logan has cancelled this trip; he needs time to reassess his goals and future. Rest assured however, we won’t rule out doing the trip once all the backlash has died down. Logan would love to visit and dab on Anne Frank’s house too. It’s a good way of getting children interested in history, and if you think about it, Anne Frank would have definitely been a member of the Logang if she were alive today. Expect a diss track on the Nazis soon!”



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From London, England, Alizee is a satirical contributor for New Media Central.