Marvin Bush Is Voting Libertarian Everyone! I’m Sold!

Marvin Bush oughta bring me around. Not!

Besides being George and Jeb’s younger brother, the only other thing I know about Marvin Bush is that he’s been falsely accused in a 9/11 conspiracy theory that states his security company planted explosives in the World Trade Center.

So, Marvin is voting for Libertarian, Gary Johnson, and you should be excited according to conservative sore loser, Bill Kristol. Mitt Romney and Marvin’s low-energy brother Jeb, are also reportedly considering voting for the libertarian ticket.

As a registered libertarian, I was already starting to feel turned off by some of the policies, specifically NAP, their open border policy, and their obsession with legalizing drugs. I used to volunteer for the Libertarian National Committee, and was tasked to do time-wasting research on data that voters would never care about. My suggestions were dismissed, and after talking with other members, I realized the LP is just as tone deaf as the RNC and DNC.

I can understand why Kristol, the Bush’s, and Romney are considering an LP ticket. The LNC is desperate for big names, and their Vice Presidential candidate, Bill Weld is a globalist. It’s an environment ripe with the opportunity of a party-wide statist invasion.

I have not officially endorsed a Presidential candidate thus far. Some of my libertarian friends claim “muh principals” and want to stay true to their party. That’s good and all, but principals do not exist in a solid state. We are human beings after all, and we change along with the times, as with the events that transpire throughout history. I don’t need to make excuses for my decisions, but it’s crystal clear Bush’s and Kristol’s decision making processes are attempts to stop the inevitable purge of the establishment. That’s why we should refuse to allow ourselves to be influenced by establishment members, or a third party that allows themselves to be invaded by them.

At this time, I am not ready disavow the Libertarian Party, but I’m keeping a close eye on things. My partner and co-owner of New Media Central, Ian, wants me to burn my Libertarian National Committee membership card. I will keep a lighter on me just in case.


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