Michael Cohen

I think we can all agree that Michael Cohen is a toad. He would not be on my shortlist of attorneys if I were ever in need of legal advice.  I find it rather telling that the New York bar association didn’t even whisper the word disbarment until the beleaguered attorney was convicted for a felony, despite the blatant ethis violations he admitted to.  That in itself speaks volumes for the ethical climate of New York politics, but I digress. 

  However, in watching the Cohen Trainwreck unfold in a frame by frame fashion, a few impressions continue to surface in my mind.  Leftards have been strutting like bedazzled gender fluid peafowl ( can’t say peacock, might offend the flamboyant birds) 

convinced that once again, they’ve found a “smoking gun” that will spell the end of the Trump administration.

  This political chest thumping has me perplexed, though. With each revelation from the Cohen mess, I’m left with the distinct impression that the toad is more a shill for the President than he is a smoking gun for the leftarded peafowl princesses.

  Cohen was supposed to have been the guy. He was the one who paid off the hookers at the behest of the President. 

However, since day one, and still today, he has categorically denied that any affair with the hookers took place in the first place. Covering up a sex scandal requires evidence a sex scandal occurred. The prosecution failed at this.

  Mueller and his mob of prosecutorial goons we’re counting on Cohen to provide a slam dunk in their case against the President. The Blue Wave Bozos were frothing over the very idea that articles of impeachment would be filed before the final gavel dropped, but….nope. In the end, the most Cohen did was implicate the President in a fineable offense.  The Blue Wave Bozos would have to wait once again, but wait they would, because Mueller has the Steele Dossier.

  The Steele Dossier, arguably the most infamous piece of fiction in twenty first century American Literature, has been the proverbial gold at the end of the rainbow for the leftards. The fact that it’s contents are fictional notwithstanding, the bedazzled peafowl are certain once again they have the President, and the toad will deliver him, right?

 Nope. Instead, Cohen categorically deny the entries that have him flying off to clandestine meetings with nefarious vodka drinking trench coat class Russian Spies, which in itself is damaging to the Leftards hopes and dreams. 

 Then, his lawyer, Lanny Davis who, is himself a notorious Clinton Crony, doubles down. He cooks a story to CNN which, arguably is only damaging if you werent watching sea cucumbers mate on NatGeo instead, in which he blatantly claimed the dossier was true. 

Yes, again, the peafowl began to strut. “Empea foe tee feye”  could be heard all the way from Compton. And then….Lanny did the unthinkable. He outed himself and CNN. Admitted he cooked the story. The rhinestones began falling off the tailfeathers of the bedazzled peafowl. Once again, the Leftards were so close, only to be denied by the toad. 

  So, I ask myself….is Cohen a weasel? Most definitely. Can he be trusted? Only if you’re a moron. But is he a prosecutions wet dream, or has this been the most epic troll in the history of American Jurisprudence? Only history will tell.