Moderate Democrat launches primary challenge against AOC

A moderate Democrat has announced a primary run against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

New York City Council member Fernando Cabrera filed his candidacy with the Federal Election Commission and formally launched his challenge against the liberal poster child on Thursday.

Cabrera, 55, told Politico that Ocasio-Cortez, known for her far-left ideas such as the Green New Deal and “Medicare for all,” has damaged the Democratic Party with her divisiveness. He pointed out that he is not a supporter of socialism.

“Only a Democrat is going to be able to defeat her, and it’s going to be a moderate Democrat,” Cabrera said. “She’s a no-show in the district. She hasn’t brought about anything except division within the party.”

“Socialism doesn’t work. I don’t want it for my children, for my grandchildren,” he added.

Cabrera said he decided to run after Ocasio-Cortez successfully pushed to have Amazon’s second headquarters moved out of New York City, a move that cost the area billions in tax breaks and subsidies.

“It was staggering to me,” Cabrera explained. “We have somebody who literally dismantled the possibility of us having 25,000 jobs, and she has yet to bring any jobs into the district.”

Cabrera has served as a Democrat on the New York City Council since 2010.

Several Republicans have filed to run against Ocasio-Cortez, although they have little chance of winning in the general election in the heavily Democratic district. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won Ocasio-Cortez’s district by a 57.6% margin.

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