NASA still can’t explain these mysteries about the moon

The moon could also be Earth’s closest neighbor, however there are nonetheless numerous mysteries surrounding the rocky world.

NASA has spent a long time researching the moon — even touchdown 12 of its astronauts there — however some solutions nonetheless elude its high house scientists.

Listed here are 4 issues we nonetheless don’t perceive in regards to the moon.

The origin of the moon

Precisely how the moon got here to be has puzzled stargazers for hundreds of years — although it appears seemingly it was born from an infinite house collision.

Most scientists agree Mars-size object crashed into Earth round four.5 billion years in the past, sending rocky particles flying.

The rubble left behind by this blow fell into Earth’s orbit, ultimately combining right into a single object.

However to throw out sufficient particles to kind the moon, the collision must have been sufficiently big to knock Earth out of orbit.

In keeping with Professor Christopher Palma, an astrophysicist at Penn State: “Even the place we expect we’ve got the perfect solutions in regards to the moon, we’re nonetheless investigating.”

“The collision needed to be robust sufficient to throw an enormous quantity of fabric up into orbit across the Earth, however not so robust as to destroy the Earth.”

Exactly what hit Earth, and with what power, stays a thriller.

How did water find yourself on the moon?


NASA first discovered water on the moon in 2009 within the type of ice trapped beneath its floor.

However its scientists nonetheless can’t clarify precisely the way it bought there.

Some consider there was a interval by which the Earth and moon have been bombarded with asteroids and comets.

A few of these objects could have introduced water to the floor of the moon and will have spawned Earth’s oceans.

However a current evaluation of moon rocks introduced house throughout the Apollo 15 and 17 mission within the 1970s threw up a brand new principle.

The chemical make-up of the rock means that water buried deep within the moon’s inside was carried to its floor by volcanic eruptions.

This is able to imply the rocky satellite tv for pc’s water shops have been there far longer than will be defined by house rock collisions.

Frozen “chilly lure” craters

The moon has no environment and so has no buffer in opposition to the solar’s punishing rays.


In consequence, its floor temperature rockets to 260 levels Fahrenheit throughout the day and plummets to -163 levels Fahrenheit at evening.

Whereas something uncovered to the solar will roast in its warmth, any spots completely shadowed from the star would possibly supply a haven for lunar ice.

Many of those so-called “chilly traps” are discovered on the moon’s far facet — the half that consistently faces away from Earth, that means it’s hidden from Earth’s telescopes.

What could possibly be hidden in these frozen areas is unknown to scientists, however they may include frozen water together with a bunch of preserved proof of the moon’s early millennia.

China’s Chang’e four probe, which landed on the moon’s far facet on Jan. three, will discover the chemical composition of a chilly lure often called the Von Kármán influence crater.

Does the moon harbor alien life?

One of many greatest questions going through lunar scientists is whether or not the moon homes alien life.

Conspiracies about little inexperienced males apart, some scientists consider water saved beneath the satellite tv for pc’s floor could maintain historical microbes.

“One thought for the origin of life is that its constructing blocks have been delivered by comets,” Palma says.

“There could also be remnants of these within the ice on the moon.”

Scientists received’t know for positive till they ship a probe — or human — as much as the lunar floor armed with a hefty drill.

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