“New” Socialism, Same Result

We find ourselves in strange times. It’s truly as though I woke up and found myself at a tea party with Alice and the rest of the Wonderland inhabitants. In the short span of a decade, our country has gone from the epitome of nationwide patriotism kindled to a raging flame by the horrors of 9/11, to todays bizzarro land reality of a generation of Americans yearning for the eutopia thats been promised them by the heralds of a “new system”, that guarantees equality and prosperity for all. So let’s talk about it.

So you want to be a Socialist, eh?

First, we need to define our terms, so we are on the same page. First of all, socialism is socialism is socialism. There’s no need to modify it, and certainly, calling it “Democratic Socialism” doesn’t delineate it from other forms, nor is it new. Cambodia was a Democratic Socialist regime under Pol Pot, and we know how well that worked out, with mass murders and refugees fleeing Cambodia in an exodus.  The word democratic is merely a clever ploy to make the big red enema easier to accept.

The graphic above illustrates the distinctions in layman’s terms. While the differences are subtle, the end result is the same.

The terms socialism and communism are often times used synonymously, however this is technically inaccurate. Communism is by design, the ultimate end goal of a socialist system. This was the plan according to Vladimir Lenin.

So, having defined socialism, and dispersed with the deception causing adjectives, we can move on to the nitty gritty. What is this socialism and how does it work.

First, let me say it is predicated on some flawed logic. The premise is that for a more equitable economy, wealth and revenues are to be redistributed to the workers, who are paid in relation to their ability and their need. That last part is important, and we will touch on it again as we progress.

The second part of the economic philosophy is that in a capitalist system, workers produce an item, and are paid a minimalist wage, which is never equal to the full value of the goods produced. Socialists feel this system is grossly unfair and beneficial only to the wealthy.

Herein lay the first error in logic.

Socialism looks only at the unit value to establish worker benefit. It fails to consider hidden factors and expenses the employer bears. Capital investment, overhead, design, research and development, etc all factor heavily into a products worth.

As shown in this graphic, hidden costs greatly outweigh profit margin as well as simple production.

Socialists expect the employer to bear all the burden of production without reaping any equitable reward for the considerable risk and expense of production

Getting back to the “according to ability and need” portion of the statement, read it again, slowly and really consider the implication. Yes, it really does mean what it says.

Workers who find themselves needing more than they are able to contribute often find themselves in a sticky situation in a socialist system. Socialized medicine is never as glorious as is rumored in “oppressive free market systems”. Also, the brutal truth is that historically, socialist regimes have had few reservations about using genocide as a means of controlling population growth and quelling discontent. In the first 100 years of socialism’s presence in mainstream, there’s been a conservative estimate of 120 million victimized by socialist genocide. Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro were all as comfortable as they were prolific in their use of killing as a means of controlling the masses.

There’s another error of thought innate to the socialist model. Once the wealth has been redistributed, inevitably the end user cost of goods must increase as a means to continue production. This is a simple economic truth. However, eventually, the purchase price will have inflated to the point where the market can no longer bear it and the system breaks down. Here’s a good example…

Lets play Monopoly, only using the rules shown in this graphic. Each time you land on a property, the sale price is collected from the bank. Because the bank only has so much money, we will not have been playing long before the bank runs dry. When the money’s gone,it’s game over.

We can see this in real time by looking at the American automotive industry. Labor Unions, despite their contributions to the labor movent relative to workplace conditions, over time used their considerable collective bargaining power to put much of the industry in America out of business and it’s workers either seeking a new line of work or on unemployment.

The 2016 elections saw a strong push to increase minimum wages to 15.00 per hour. While this is on it’s surface really attractive for workers, it was short sighted. Opponents to the idea tried unsuccessfully to tell voters that the idea would either end up making consumers pay 9.00 for a Big Mac or it would put workers on unemployment. Just this week…. McDonalds unveiled it’s next generation of fast food technology. The point of pay kiosk.

The last part of this examination into the glamorous world of government controls, failing social systems, and unemoyment is perhaps the most insidious.

Freedoms. Despite any claims of equality for all and civil liberty being a cornerstone of socialistic harmony, they simply aren’t true.

In order for the socialist system to take root, certain sacrifices must be made. Basically, shred the Constitution and start over. Freedom of Speech? Gone. We can’t risk workers inciting discontent when the good toilet paper is all gone. 2nd amendment? You’re not serious. An armed populace is a populace you cannot strongarm into compliance. Religion? Due process? Voting? Equal protections from a hostile government? Hell no. All a memory.

And in the end, when penny has beed wrung out of business, when the markets have collapsed , and the banks are as empty as our hypothetical Monopoly teller, you can eulogize the American Dream


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