Newly Elected Black Commissioner Confused About Racism and History

It was not too long ago that leaders within the New Black Panther movement let it be known that they had every intention of creating a “black only country” (BON) within the United States of America. There are many articles that attest to this fact. The state of Georgia has been included in this push for a BON. They literally want to take over Georgia and a few other states, saying that whites will “flee” when they see blacks come in en masse. They seriously underestimate white folks of the south. They won’t flee as many white families have lived in Georgia and other southern states for many, many generations.

The thinking is that America is SO racist, the only way blacks can survive is to oust whites from certain areas of the country and create instead a “black only nation.” This thinking is dangerous and racist. All it does is ramp up the growing racial tension that began in earnest under President Obama.

This thinking that some blacks within America are entertaining is part of the belief that they are “owed” some form of reparations, which they now include means having their own, fully segregated BON. Even if whites were willing to step aside – won’t happen – the idea is a foolish one at best and if allowed, would simply show the world that those particular blacks with that particular mindset will turn part of the United States into a third world country. I realize that sounds racist, but in reality, we see evidence of this in every large city “occupied” by the Democrats. In these cities, the city councils, often with blacks running the show, have become complete hell holes, where black on black violence is often unchecked. It’s almost as though these leaders step aside and accept the culling of the black population.

I recall the last election, George Soros (you may have heard of him), poured tons of money into Georgia elections for District Attorneys. Soros wanted “progressive” blacks in those positions. Why? It’s so they would go easier on black felons in spite of the nature of their crimes. They believe there are too many blacks in prison due not to crimes committed necessarily, but due to racism, and that has to change. Rather than work to help blacks away from the path of crime, changing their outlook, and providing them with a gateway to meaningful employment (trades via education, etc.), Soros simply wants district attorneys to basically “go easy” and look the other way. We saw the results of that in Parkland, FL where the Broward County Sheriff’s office had decided to do everything possible to NOT arrest and recommend prosecution for young school-age blacks who committed crimes. Why? To keep federal dollars flowing into that county under Obama’s “incentive” program. Young blacks were simply passed from one grade to the next. No one flunked regardless of how bad their work was, or if they turned it in at all.

Now, we have individuals like Mariah Parker, who was just elected to the post of Commissioner in the Athens, GA area. She’s young, she’s black and she’s seriously “progressive.”

I have a problem with her racist mentality and her fallacious understanding of actual history and her racist attitude that she harbors. This is in spite of her being a doctoral candidate in linguistics.

It is likely that Parker adopted her current attitude not because of actual racial animus directed toward her, but through teachings of people like Dr. Derek Bell.

Among other things, Bell was a civil rights “activist.” He believed that it is impossible for black people to be racist, allegedly because blacks hold no power over whites. Nothing like changing the meaning of racism, but the Left focuses on changing meanings to buttress their narrative.

However, Bell’s belief is patently untrue anyway. In one Georgia County, the percentage of blacks employed in government positions is nearly 80% over whites who are far fewer in number. In Stockbridge, GA, the entire city council has been taken over by blacks and the white mayor was literally forced out. This is happening in numerous cities in Georgia. The NBP musings of a “black only nation” appears to be in the works. In those areas do blacks hold power over whites? Of course they do.

In Mariah Parker’s case, she took her oath not on the Bible or even the Constitution, but on a book by Alex Haley, on the autobiography of Malcolm X. As she took her oath, she stood with closed fist raised above her head (black power salute) and noted that the city where she lives is essentially “racist” because whites have been in power too long. What she fails to comprehend is that Athens, while it is home to large universities/colleges, has been populated by white people for decades and decades.

According to the facts (something Leftists like to ignore), whites make up nearly 70% of the people living there, while blacks represent under 30% and Hispanics roughly 10%. Certainly some of this is connected to the population of those who attend one of several colleges/universities there: University of Georgia, Georgia Health Science University, Athens Area Technical College, and Piedmont College. In other words, people from all over Georgia and other states travel to Athens to attend one of these colleges.

Parker wants city contracts to be given to at least 30% of people of color. What if there aren’t 30% of blacks and/or browns who have actual businesses in Athens? As far as Parker is concerned, it’s already “racist” so it would continue to be “racist” if things don’t change. It must be nice to have a card that can constantly be played when things don’t go your way, perceived or actual.

Parker also upholds Malcom X. I believe at least some of his opinions were important, especially when it comes to blacks themselves and how they see the world and how they are kept on the Democratic Plantation by “progressive” whites. But Parker isn’t concerned about those opinions. What she addresses is Malcolm X’s “brilliance” in the fact that he says the following:

The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.”

In some ways, X is correct, but what is his actual meaning here? Why is this possibly true? Does it have anything to do with the fact that there are so many fatherless children in homes where a black woman is raising her children? Too many black men are completely irresponsible. They plant their seed and take off, leaving mom to fend for herself. The very possible reason why black women are so neglected, disrespected, and unprotected is because the Democratic Party has taught by osmosis that black men are incapable of being mature, responsible fathers and husbands. This problem does not exist with conservative black men, who are often very nurturing with wives and family and hold jobs and positions of responsibility within the community.

But Parker – without any explanation as to X’s true intent – prefers to leave his comments hanging as if they support the notion that racism from whites to blacks is the real reason black women are so disrespected. It’s a fallacy.

Another problem is Parker’s offhand comment about why Malcolm X was killed. She stated “he was arguably killed for his politics,” and again just let’s that comment sit there unexplained.

The truth of the matter is Malcolm X was killed for his political ideology after he became disgruntled with the Nation of Islam (now controlled by Farrakhan), and leaned more toward the Sunni sect of Islam. In fact, Malcolm X was killed by three other black men from within an opposing Islamic faction. It had nothing to do with white people at all and either Parker willingly ignores that fact to drive home her fallacious position of anti-white racism or she’s not intelligent enough to know the truth in spite of her esteemed education. As an aside, I wonder who paid for her education?

Malcolm X became a casualty of several Islamic factions that began shortly after Muhammad’s death. It is why Muslims today separate into two main factions (with numerous offshoots), that do not see eye to eye. Malcolm X, who as stated became disgruntled with the Nation of Islam, and spoke not only about white oppression but the responsibility of the “Negro” within society, wound up kicking against the goads and created enemies within the black community.

The three men who actually shot and killed him (up to 20 bullet holes were found in his body), were held (and at least one was severely beaten), until police arrived. They were arrested, tried, convicted, and given life sentences.

Malcolm X’s death was the result of malcontent blacks who were playing a Game of Thrones to protect the person they believed was the rightful heir to the “throne” of Nation of Islam status. Malcolm X’s rejection of that faction of Islam for another could not go unpunished. I’m past tired of the Left’s constant moving of goal posts to prop up their artificial agendas.

If things don’t change with midterms, we will start seeing more cities and counties in the south and throughout America taken over by racist blacks who simply want to stick it to white people. Individuals like George Soros provide money for this to create a severe racial divide in America. It appears they want war – another Civil War. If it actually comes to that, it won’t end well for the blacks who make up roughly 13% of America’s population. I don’t really think it’ll come to that – let’s pray it doesn’t! – but I think many on the Left are actually chomping on the bit.

Above all things, remain calm folks. Don’t give into the insanity that is taking over at least part of American society today. Think clearly. Remain resolute. Don’t go looking for trouble but don’t run from either if it finds you. Above all things, know the law of your area.

In Georgia, we have very good gun laws. Right now, carrying is every person’s right who has a clear background. If you live in a state like that, do not leave home without your weapon. Guard yourself and your family. You have that responsibility and must embrace it.

I’ve found that most people – black and white – simply want to get along. The MSM (mainstream media) however, wants us to think that whites are born racist and blacks need to fight whites to keep from being overtaken by that alleged inbred racism. It doesn’t really mirror reality, at least the reality that I live in.

I do not go through life lackadaisically. I live with purpose. I remain in fellowship with God and I trust Him to help me avoid the problems that others might try to throw in my path.

Walk on, patriot.