NMC Contributor Suspended From Twitter

Breitbart- R.C. Maxwell is a black Trump supporter and California GOP consultant who gained attention last year after he was assaulted at a Trump rally in August 2017. Maxwell was recently suspended from Twitter following an exchange between him and MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart discussing President Trump and the recent government shutdown. Capehart attacked Trump for failing to negotiate with Democrats.

Shortly after the exchanges with Capehart, Maxwell was suspended from Twitter. Maxwell told Breitbart Tech that he was informed by Twitter that his account was suspended for “hateful conduct,” but refused to outline which of Maxwell’s tweets were considered “hateful conduct.” Maxwell told Breitbart Tech, “I reject racism and I’m not alt-right. I’m a conservative, I work for conservatives, I’ve called out the alt-right many times.”

Maxwell himself has been subjected to racist remarks on Twitter from left-leaning users on a number of occasions. Similarly to Breitbart News reporter Jerome Hudson, Maxwell has been referred to as a “coon” on a number of occasions, this term is often used similarly to the term “uncle tom” to describe conservative black people.

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