No Justice: Charges Dropped Against Man Arrested For Agreeing With Katie Hopkins.

In news that has shocked and disturbed us at NMC, it has been revealed that charges of ‘extremism’ were dropped on a man who agreed with Katie Hopkins on Facebook.

George Lloyd, 24, from Reading, posted a Facebook status on the 21st of September stating; “I don’t agree with everything she says but sometimes Katie Hopkins makes a lot of sense.” Wow, shocking. George was reported by a good Samaritan neighbor who had been concerned about George’s behavior for some time now. The neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous, told us:

“It started with the little things with George, a mention of Farage here, a purchase of an English flag there. We only started to become really suspicious when started mentioning how the EU ‘might not be so great after all’. This Katie Hopkins thing was a step too far. We knew if we didn’t try to put a stop to it he’d end up joining the EDL or voting for UKIP!”

Unfortunately this story does not have a happy ending, as George was given a warning and released after only one night in jail. The charges of extremism were dropped when George agreed to remove the offending Facebook status. George gave a statement upon release:

“Due to the current political climate, open forums and discourse is more important than ever before. We must aim to listen to a variety of viewpoints and not be idly spoonfed by the mainstream media. My intention was never to offend but instead offer an impartial ear to those I may have deemed fundamentally different or wrong before. I shall not apologise but instead implore others to find viewpoints that are antithetical to their own and listen with little judgement. You may be surprised at what you find.”

Our streets are now less safe with another thoughtless Nazi on the loose.

From London, England, Alizee is a satirical contributor for New Media Central.