Our Disappearing Liberties

We have been living in times when government dependence rules our votes. Every Presidential election has led to broader intrusions on our rights that include freedom and privacy. It frustrates me when people get outraged and shocked by any type of big government power grab.

I call Democrats and Republicans statists. Either side unwittingly, and in some cases knowingly supports big government intrusion, but Democrats moreso. So-called moderate Republicans like to call liberal-Democrats statists, but fail to see they also have a hand in ushering in tyranny.

Liberals can be thanked for the mandating and subsidizing of many of our failing industries in the country. Republicans claim to love the rule of law, but also turn a blind eye to government intrusion, and the ever-growing police state. Both sides of the two-party paradigm have been led to believe that government is needed to protect them, and as the saying goes, have traded freedom for a little bit of security. We get molested in airports for our security. We get fined, and potentially jailed for forgetting to wear a seat belt, or not crossing the street properly, for our own safety. The government has departments that make sure we only take their drugs, use their schools and hospitals, and remind us every springtime that we owe them a cut of our hard-earned salaries.

The government alleges they use our salaries to improve our lives, because they know how to use our money better than us regular folk. From roads to retirement funds, and from fire departments to daycare, government has been allowed to dictate just about every facet of our lives. Think about it. What part of your life does government NOT have any involvement in?


Let’s get back to the two party system. It really does not exist. Only in the minds of voters, is it believed that we have at least two choices on Election Day. In actuality, big government is one united front. It’s hard for people to swallow this ugly truth because of the constant barrage of propaganda in the media, and the dog and pony show elected officials put on for us. We call big government many things. They can also be called statists, the ruling establishment, progressives, collectivists, globalists, and elitists. Some people call them the new world order, and while that’s a different discussion for a different time, the remedy for it is the same.

Big government plays unwitting voters like fools. First off, the make voters believe they have a choice. If people paid more attention to the electoral process, they might wake up. Secondly, they use all of the aspects of our lives to condition us into believing government is needed. The media is used to promote this, and also to combat contrary opinions. Big government has employed high ranking officials in every industry we have been conditioned to depend on to never question its authority, or its knowledge on anything they have their hooks in.

Science, history, health, religion, energy, food, medicine, policing, security, media, the internet, education, banking, real estate, communication, and even entertainment has been hijacked and tainted by government propaganda. That’s why the word “consensus’ gets thrown around so often by media. I’m sure at some point recently, you heard or read, “97% of scientists, teachers, or doctors say this or that, so you must believe it.” Government never mentions that the 97% of any consensus works for government, or receives hefty grants funded by our confiscated earnings to state said consensuses.

Our country’s founding documents are rooted in liberty. It is supposed to ensure that we as individuals get to write our own destiny, and are all given equal opportunity. Government has brainwashed statists into thinking that is a bad thing, and voters have killed equal opportunity. It has been replaced by equal results. It’s a failed theory because as individuals, men and women have different goals, dreams, and desires. Some might not have dreams at all, so it’s surely unfair for an ambitious hard-working person to have to support someone who might not want to work at all? The truth is, we are not, and never be an equal society, and that’s a good thing, otherwise we would lose ourselves. That’s why the term “sheep’ was coined for statist voters. Conformity is necessary for big government to stay in power. Big government’s philosophy is not compatible with the Constitution, and that’s why a consensus of establishment politicians trash the document any time they are given the opportunity to do so.

Are statists so caught up in governments growing web of misinformation and conditioning that they are a lost cause? I think some are, but in my own experience, some have hope. I was once a self-described Conservative. One thing Conservatives unwittingly do is vote for Republican establishment politicians who serve the purpose of propping up the military industrial complex. I was controlled by emotion after losing my only brother on 9/11. That’s one way government grabs you. Emotions are the easiest controlled, and one of the most powerful part of humans. I had to watch for weeks, over and over and over, an airplane crashing through my brother’s office window. I was overtaken by big government propaganda. The ability to question authority, make logical choices, and even decide the simplest things in our everyday lives are taken over by emotion. Some of us have strong will power at some point in their lives, which could make them lucky. Curiosity could save a person from unintended lifelong government servitude. That was my case. If you’re aware of the real goings on in the world, and have a chance to wake someone up, please do it. And please, make that person pay it forward as well, because voting really does matter.

The lesser of evil, the Democrat, the Republican, the moderate, the Conservative, the progressive; they have been failures because they’re all part of the ruling establishment. The more we demand a non-establishment representative, the harder leaders on both sides of the phony isle will push back. That’s how you’ll know who the right candidate is. It will be a good start, but just electing an actual representative will not be the fix. Society has truly been brainwashed by government’s manipulation of words, music, food, drugs, and yes, even weather. There are branches of government, cabinets, committees, and other tentacles that need to be cut from our daily life. It’s a long road, but a necessary one to bring back and preserve the American dream.


About Sal

Sal is the founder and co-owner of New Media Central. New Media Central began as a political blog in 2012, and by mid 2016, the site became a home for independent journalists and political commentators. Email: sal@NewMediaCentral.net
Sal is the founder and co-owner of New Media Central. New Media Central began as a political blog in 2012, and by mid 2016, the site became a home for independent journalists and political commentators. Email: sal@NewMediaCentral.net