Planned Parenthood Received Backlash After A Series Of Tweets: ‘We Need a Disney Princess Who’s Had An Abortion’

Planned Parenthood’s message is ‘Care. No Matter What’. This does seem to be the case. Not only through past actions but their recent Tweets as well. The question is, what do they care about? Do they care about the millions of babies they have murdered? Do they care about the millions of children they are trying to indoctrinate? Or do they simply care about their bottom line? Perhaps they hope to benefit from spreading the sickness they so proudly inflict on our children, the ones they were unable to reach through abortion. It seems as though Planned Parenthood doesn’t ‘care’ about children at all.

I wrote an article about Planned Parenthood’s plan to teach new parents about gender identity. To strip any role of male or female directly out of the womb. Has Gender Identity Gone Too Far?

Planned Parenthood’s recent attack on our youth comes from this Tweet:

They removed the tweet after receiving backlash a few hours after it was posted.

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