Popular Youtuber, Cynthia G Declares White People “Devils With No Culture”

Recently I came across a video on Youtube that was as unintentionally humorous as it was thoroughly depressing. The video was titled, Alt Right Woman Advises Followers To Stop Ghetto Culture By Having White Babies and was produced by a vlogger who goes by the name of Cynthia G and was featured on her channel, Cynthia G Live. The topic of the video was the now well known “mommy blogger” Ayla, specifically her March white baby making challenge wherein the popular alt-right blogger and mother of six challenged her over 22,000 twitter followers to “match or beat me!” Enjoining white people to make more babies was not a end in and of itself a end but rather a means for Ayla to combat what she referred ti with great vexation as “black ghetto culture,” by this she meant the hooliganism which every attentive American has seen over and over again in the various Black Lives Matter riots or gang related inner-city shootings, such as those which occur with great frequency within the crumbling edifice of Detroit and Chicago.

Picture of Black-Power maniac, Cynthia G.

Cynthia G took great exception to this and has made a entire video critiquing Ayla. I know neither of these individual in any personal or intimate capacity and so their squabbling interests me little. What does interest me, however, and what will likely interest you, my fellow Americans, is the way in which Ms. G refers to Ayla and white Americans in general.

G begins her video by claiming that “the pale female” (Ayla) and people like her were playing a central role in the maintenance of white supremacy. Old canard. If bringing white birth rates up above replacement levels is white supremacy then every other group of peoples who do the same are also “supremacists.” Ms. G then went on to claim that Ayla and her supporters were “evil albinoids,” and “devil minded racist-disgustingness.” Other than being profoundly melodramatic what can on say about such over-the-top allegations? There is nothing to do but sadly laugh at a mind so wholly perverted by dogmatism that it can no longer see the world as it is.

Cynthia G live-streaming her commentary on Ayla’s article

Next, Ms. G goes on to say that Ayla is afraid that whites world-wide are dying out and “rightfully so!” Ah, so we have another disciple of Noel Ignatiev on our hands! These pestilential vermin who look upon you, brothers and sisters of The Republic, as nothing more than beasts; in her own words, you are EVIL, you are DEVILS all! What can one do with a rabid beast but put it down? Why nothing! And so this perverse, insidious hag lauds the prospect of white death, how glorious it is that caucasians make up but a paltry sliver of the world population! There are currently around 7.47 billion human beings living in the world today (as of July 2017) yet, percentage wise, whites are projected to make up only around 10% of that total by 2050. In America alone, whites are fast becoming the minority due to exceedingly low birthrates brought on by the bounty of distractions and pleasures (to say nothing of birth control, feminism, ect.) provided by the resplendent wealth of our once great republic. Indeed, whites are becoming minorities all across the developed world as their traitorous politicians cheerily replace them for votes, ideology, theology and economic productivity. To say that this isn’t a problem (and not just for whites but for every other race who has peaceably coexisted with them) is to be both deaf and blind. It is, in no uncertain terms, either foolish or malevolent and given Ms. G’s reactions you can rest well assured of the latter eventuality.

But G isn’t done just yet, she also claims that Ayla’s attempt to preserve her Mormon culture is futile because, and I quote, “There is NO white culture beyond violence, savagry, deviltry and racism! That’s the only thing they’re culture is and if you were to ax dis idiot, ‘What is white culture?’ she probably couldn’t even explain it to you.”

Hilarious. Where to begin with this? Well, first and foremost, the old, “there is no white culture” line is manifestly, observably false. If there ever seems as if there is no unified white culture to anyone it is merely because it is the most profligate and successful culture in the world, so much so that it has been exported to nearly every corner of the globe. Why are people so keen on democracy and fast food now? Because of white culture – now you may say that is good, you may say that it is bad but one thing you may not say is that it doesn’t exist. Clearly it does. Indeed, most blacks in America have appropriated white culture to such a degree that they have forgotten the origins of the rites and practices which they so often participate in and employ. Our language, English, for instance, is central to white culture and was a product thereof, now the dominant language in the world. It has been adopted by the majority of the American Republic, blacks, whites, Asians and every other racial group one can imagine. This is so obvious it shouldn’t require any rebuttal.

As for “deviltry” – Ms. G might be advised to turn her profoundly short attention to South Africa where the only deviltry that is likely to be observed is the black majority genociding the boer white farmers.

Kaiter Enless is a NMC contributor, futurist, novelist and the founder of The Logos Club.