Q News and Backyard Brawl

After what seemed like an interminable period of time (12 days), the mysterious and illustrious “Q” posted again on the 8Chan boards. Among other things Q said “BLACKOUT NECESSARY.” Why? Who knows. Either Q was extremely busy or he didn’t want to put anything on the boards that CIA operatives would be alerted to.

As I’ve stated before on other venues, I’m optimistically cautious regarding Q. If push came to shove, while I lean toward believing that Q is an actual insider with actual knowledge of what’s occurring behind the scenes, I’m not yet 100% convinced that Q is legit.

That said I find it fascinating how often I’ve been attacked on social networks for leaning toward Q’s legitimacy and this by others, who call themselves “conservatives” and “patriots.” One particular individual on Twitter wouldn’t let up on me, harassing me about how wrong Q has been. I asked her for any evidence of that and she posted a screen grab of the statement allegedly made by Q that Hillary Clinton was going to be arrested on such a such day, at such and such time. It was laughable actually because Q never said that. The statement she referred to was actually made by an Anon, not Q himself.

One thing is certain about Q. Much of what he states can be taken several ways. He is deliberately not that specific in his posts. He presents information and lets the Anons take it from there. On occasion he has handed out a few “Atta boys” to Anons who appeared to be on the right track in uncovering information based on Q posts. There is a sense of plausible deniability with all Q crumbs and that’s as it should be. So far, he has not dropped anything that appears to be actual classified information.

Q keeps saying “You have more than you know,” which clearly means he has given us tremendous amounts of information, much of which has yet to be uncovered. But remarkably, the Anons on the 8Chan boards are relentless about uncovering the wider picture based on the jewels Q drops.

I also find it interesting that there are some – who appear as patriots and some who do not – who are trying so hard to make Q appear to be a total larp. Why work so hard at it? Why not just let Q’s posts speak for themselves and see what happens?

His latest post from Sunday, June 3 as seen in the image states simply:


Someone on Twitter pointed out that if you turn the post upside down, it’s shaped like a gun. Interesting, but as with all Q posts, it’s hard to know if that was intentional or not.

As with all Q-related posts, there has been disinfo and Q has pointed out that there is an unfortunate need for that, largely due to the fact that the “clowns” (Q’s label for CIA operatives), are also on the 8Chan boards and doing whatever they can to negate Q’s message.

The truth is though that Q is actually hurting no one at all. If what Q has been stating is true or false, it has served to accomplish one serious thing: people on the conservative side of the aisle are galvanized. They are working together to uncover the evil that is so prevalent, though too often hidden, in our society.

I think we’ll see the actual truth about Q soon enough. In the past Q has stated “TRUST SESSIONS,” “TRUST GOWDY” and others. He has stated this not once but several times. Yet, most recently we noted that President Trump has opined that he wished he had chosen someone else other than Sessions to head the DOJ. Gowdy also appears to be part of the Deep State (DS) with recent revelations about his disagreement with Trump over certain things.

Is this all just a “movie” with “great actors” or is something else going on? Clearly, we will know soon. Either Sessions and/or Gowdy are working with Trump to drain the swamp or they are not. In either case, we will know.

If it turns out that both Sessions and Gowdy are working against Trump and that becomes clear, then it also indicts Q, doesn’t it? After all, Q said we should trust these people, but if it turns out that they are not trustworthy, then neither is Q because he recommended we trust them. We will obviously have to wait until things flesh out fully and that will likely not occur until after the release of the long-awaited IG report from Horowitz. In fact, Q has stated that the US will be united by 11/11 of this year. Will it? We’ll see.

I’m willing to wait. It’s no skin off my nose at. It’s really that simple.

Regarding Q’s most recent post, what does he mean with the “booms” followed by “A WEEK TO REMEMBER”? There are four of them. Some Anons believe Q is looking backwards to the past week, while others believe Q is referring to this coming week that just started. Again, it is difficult to know. The IG report is apparently scheduled for release June 11, so that’s the beginning of next week. We’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?

Q’s use of the phrase “DARK TO LIGHT” has been used before, which of course means evil acts hidden by darkness will be exposed. Is Q saying that this week at least four “booms” will rise to the surface? It’s possible.

One of the things that may be included in that has been termed “backyard brawl” and is located in Tucson, AZ. Apparently, a “camp” that may have been used for child trafficking/sex trafficking has been discovered by Anon patriots. There have been pictures and videos of the site apparently owned by CEMEX, a company that provides cement for building projects.

It is interesting to learn that the mayor of Tucson, AZ is a Rothschilds – Jonathan Rothschilds – and he allegedly has connections with Mexico and elsewhere. The anons have been digging and learned that CEMEX provided the cement for that bridge that collapsed in Florida not long ago. There are some other very interesting connections.

The patriot anons who discovered the camp believe it to be a child sex-trafficking camp. Pictures and videos (see article linked in above paragraph), include underground cells, tunnels, “rape” trees with restraints to hold children to the tree while they are being abused, and apparently, no local law enforcement wants to investigate. They found children’s toys and other paraphernalia that suggests this was not your typical homeless camp. According to several people who are there, the stench in areas of the camp was so horrific that they had to pull back. What could smell that bad? Dead bodies possibly? If you’ve ever smelled a dead animal left to decay, you are very familiar with the smell of “death” and it’s not pretty.

As usual, Anons have uncovered much information and the same big names appear to be associated with things that constantly rise to the surface elsewhere – the Clintons, the Rothschilds, Bronfman, etc.

It reminds me of what Q has intimated before that not all the information discovered will ever be released to the public. Can you imagine what would happen if the entire world knew EVERYTHING filthy that these people were involved in? Good people would destroy anyone who was believed to be associated with this whole evil mess the way dictators of the past were physically destroyed and with a vengeance.

From Epstein Island to the UK’s “grooming gangs,”, to Tucson, AZ and elsewhere, there appears to be growing revelations of a world-wide child sex-trafficking ring.

We will do our best to keep you posted, however, things are happening so fast, it’s difficult at times to stay up on everything. In the meantime, people who care about right and wrong know what to do. If you feel there’s nothing else you can do, you can pray. Let’s seriously invite God to intervene and I believe He is doing just that.

We’ll talk again!