RedState To Throw Weekend Long #NeverTrump Party

RedState, who turned their website into anti-Trump headquarters, will be holding a #NeverTrump Conference August 12-14 in Denver.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and Glenn Beck will be headliners. Other guests include, Ben Sasse, Governor Nikki Haley, Carly Fiorina, Ken Cuccinelli, Katie Pavlich, Guy Benson, Hugh Hewitt and Erick Erickson.

Paul Ryan, whose primary is August 9th, could be celebrating, or going all-out cuck depending on the results.

Who knows what other surprise guests may show up? David French? Mark Levin? Ben Shapiro? Jonah Goldberg? Megyn Kelly? Hillary Clinton?

One thing’s for certain…Denver Colorado will be the cuckold capital of the world come August 12.

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