Remember Them: 100 Years Ago Today the Russian Royal Family Was Brutally Assassinated Why We Must Stay Vigilant Against The Ideology That Killed Them

A man, his wife and their five children were taken into a basement exactly one hundred years ago today. They were shot and stabbed, the children rammed with bayonets as they cowered in the corners of the room screaming.


Nearly exactly 100 years later, open Socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the primary in New York’s District 14 (and also, shockingly, won the vote in the 15th District as a write-in candidate). The communist ideology has come full circle.


It took exactly 100 years for communism to circle the globe and return, triumphant, to the place of its birth – New York City.

Communism began, in earnest, under Leon Trotsky who, while living in New York, was funded by Wall Street bankers to enter the country of the wealthiest man in the world, Russia, and topple the last powerful Christian monarch left in Europe.

Czar Nicholas the II and family

Communism’s reign of terror kicked off by doing what it does best -destroying the traditional family, and has arrived today not as a vagabond revolutionary cowardly killing children in a basement, but as a democratically elected leader. This is a cleaned up, institutionalized version of the same killers but the same killers nonetheless, with the same murderous ideology aimed straight at the heart of Christianity.

Some claim Nicholas the II, the last Czar of Russia, whose family was the one in that basement one hundred years ago, was too soft, too innocent, and severely underestimated the communist Bolsheviks.

Perhaps Nicholas II was, perhaps he was not, but either way, what is left of the European people’s world-wide dyaspora of America, Canada, Australia, etc. must not be naive regarding the threat that looms. We must not allow our families to be dragged down to a basement to be literally or metaphorically shot.

Many do not realize that the Bolshevik Communist revolution, which overtook Russia and then bled out into the socialism present today in Europe and North America, was not an organic movement which grew out of the discontent of the Russian people.

The Russian people overwhelmingly adored the royal family and saw them as holy and ordained to rule by God himself. While Russian peasants were not without struggle, few of the native Russians actually blamed the Czar or the monarchy for their struggles, which were quite common to poor people of the time in the world over.


Leon Trotsky, who began the communist revolution with help from Lenin, was exiled from Russia. While living in New York the ethnically Jewish Trotsky, was funded by a Wall Street banker by the name of Schiff. Schiff aided Trotsky by giving him 20 million dollars to fund his revolution. American President at the time, Woodrow Wilson, gave Trotsky a passport back to Russia where Trosky, along with many of his New York friends, recruited from immigrant, non-native, communities in Russia to start their revolution.

It was never a revolution of the native Russian people, in much the same way that founding stock Americans are not the ones voting for socialist candidates today. The communist ideology has always used non-native populations within a country to foment their takeovers.

Why would bankers and Western rulers in America and England aide the overthrow of the Czar? For the same reason most evil in the world is committed – greed and jealousy.

At the time Czar Nicholas ruled Russia, he was the richest man in the world. Russian technology was on par with the rest of the Western world and even exceeded it in some areas such as aircraft development (Russia had a plane with a wingspan longer than the 747).

After the revolution the entire country was looted and much of the wealth made its way back to Wall Street where it lined the pockets of those who had invested in the revolution. The stripping of wealth was so complete that Soviet Russia was bankrupt and in 1922 Lenin declared, “The end has come.”

King George the V of England was jealous of his cousin Nicholas the II and eagerly aided Trotsky, Lenin, and their revolutionaries. King George even refused to take in Nicholas and his family when they begged for refuge prior to their deaths.

It is no surprise then, that they were the same world leaders who rushed to aid the Soviets when Lenin declared the end had come. American President Woodrow Wilson sent the Soviets $25 million and the US continued to finance the Soviets, despite the cold war, until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Soviets themselves never built or maintained any factories in Russia, all the Soviet factories were built or maintained by the West or Asia. Communism is an ideology which is totally unable to support itself and hence, claims millions of lives in its wake.


Most Americans are familiar with the fact that communism is unsustainable and leads to death but how intentional those deaths are is a fact that many are unaware of.

Brother Nathanael, an Orthodox Russian priest, has said that the murder of the Russian family was, “The second biggest crime in Christian history, second only to the crucifixion of Christ” and that, “the decline of the family [world-wide] followed.”

What also followed was Holodomor, the Soviet genocide of 6-8 million Christian peasants in the Ukraine. The peasants were intentionally starved to death in what is certainly one of the cruelest ways to kill a population.

The truth of what the communists were doing to the Christians was intentionally suppressed by the media at the time. Fake news is not a new thing. The New York Times chief correspondent in the area actively suppressed any news of the Christian genocide happening in the Ukraine and to this day, our textbooks refuse to mention it.

10-12 million Russians went on to die under Stalin, and communism has claimed roughly 70 million deaths since.

Bolsheviks, communists, socialists – they use several different names but it’s all the same. Vladimir Lenin himself said, “The goal of socialism is communism.” They cannot be separated from one another.

So, it is today, in America, in the city of New York, that an open socialist from an immigrant community, has been elected to run in the primary to represent New York’s 14th district.

Two years ago, an open socialist, also from New York, also from an immigrant community, Bernie Sanders, was narrowly defeated to represent the democratic party in the campaign for the presidency.

Make no mistake, the ideology which walked that family down a flight of stairs, lined them up, lied to them and told them they were posing for a picture and then shot them, stabbed them and threw their broken bodies into vats of acid and their bones down a well – is alive, thriving and parasitically growing in our own land.

On this, the one hundred year anniversary of the tragic deaths of the Russian royal family, do not allow those same forces to take over your country. Remember the Czar and his family, and by remembering the tradition and honor they stood for, remember your own traditions and honor -and defend it!


The author will be conducting a livestream this evening beginning at 5:30 PM EST, the time the royal family was slain. Please join the live chat for further discussion.