San Francisco Has Become A Literal Sh*thole

“…no matter where you live in America, the sh*hole is coming for you.”

As immigration into America, from the third world, soars, those areas with liberal and Leftist policies, suffer in ways unimaginable to most of us living in flyover country.

Independent reporter and YouTuber Matt Christiansen put together this video highlighting the massive problem San Francisco is currently experiencing with human feces and drug needles.

In the video, he speaks to how the average San Francisco street is covered in human poo and dirty needles.

I myself attended graduate school in San Francisco, in the Mission Distirct, and while it had some issues common to a large, urban area, it was nothing like what Matt speaks about here.

Considering I went to graduate school only 11 years ago, what I was struck by was how rapid this change from thriving, urban city to third world heck hole, was made.

After watching the video I spoke to some of my family members who live in the greater Bay area. Family members ten years younger than myself, who also attended school in in San Francisco, had no idea San Francisco had ever *not* been literally full of sh*t.

Seeing human waste all over the sidewalks is a norm for them. The stories that came to me included the knowledge that you can never run to catch the bus in San Francisco because running through the streets without paying close enough attention, even for a half block or so, meant stepping in human waste.

I was shocked.

It isn’t just the human waste and needles either. Recently a news crew went to San Francisco to highlight the crime epidemic. The speed at which their bait car was vandalized and their bait items stolen, was mind blowing but what happened next was even more shocking.

While pausing to capture another interview for their news piece, their news van, not their bait car, was broken into and thousands of dollars worth of equipment was stolen in a separate and unrelated crime!

As we lower our standards as a society we should not be shocked that the living standard is lowered. As Matt points out in his video above, there has been no increase to the homeless population in the city, simply a lowering of expectations from the greater population.

There is an old saying which says that California is always about 10 years ahead of the rest of America, meaning what is normal in California, will be the norm for the country within a decade.

That was true of the acceptance of homosexuality, gay marriage, transgenderism, sanctuary city status, legalized marijuana, etc. and so it doesn’t take a genius to see that no matter where you live in America, the sh*it hole is coming for you.