Science doesn’t care how you identify

I firmly believe those born in my generation or before, despite the hardships, had things pretty easy from a social perspective.  When I was a kid, certain knowledge and understanding came almost intuitively, having been programmed deep within the primordial regions of our developing brain. For instance, nobody had to tell me that I needed to be careful because the hot chocolate in my cup was, in fact, hot, and may burn me if it spilled on my crotch.   

  In this simpler time, I knew that pulling the hair of the little red headed girl at recess could, at best, get me a detention, and at worst, a swift and likely well deserved kick in the balls by the redhead…or her brother.  

Children of that generation were able and free to easily identify other boys and girls with nothing more than a perfunctory glance. Long hair, flowery pink clothes, poorly applied cosmetics? Yup. Girl.Close cropped, Moe Howard haircut, sloppy, baggy camoflage wardrobe and hateful scowl? It’s a boy.  

 This gloriously simple differentiation had a ripple effect that extended out through puberty, adolescence, and into adulthood.  It made the already clumsy and stressful endeavor of finding a date for Friday night much more manageable.  

  Today, the script has been flipped. Progressivism has taken a foothold, and fucked up 10,000 years of evolution.  Society has decided that our primordial instinctual wiring is obsolete and somehow offensive.  It seems that mankind has had the whole gender differentiation concept wrong. 

 Apparently gender is no longer a choice of A or B. It’s now a multiple choice proposition with more addendums and appendices than the US tax code. Wikipedia provides a glimpse of how ridiculously confusing this concept is.See for yourself.

  Herein lies my issue with this premise.  For me, it’s quite simple. How one identifies is completely irrelevant to anybody but them. They falsely believe and pathologically cling to the idea that how they think or feel carries the weight of authority to redefine biological sciences and empirical evidence.  

So, let’s carve this pumpkin and see what it looks like. For the sake of discussion, let’s establish a few parameters. First, I am approaching the topic biologically. Mental and emotional perspectives have no relevance here. Second, yes, I’m well aware that there are in fact biological anomalies that form outside the norm.  They are however minute exceptions to the norm, and not frequent enough to alter the discussion. That leads me to the premise, which is that contrary to popular opinion, there’s only two genders.  

  Examining this is really very easy. The primary test consists of basically two questions. 1. Does the subject have dangly bits? If so, it’s a male. 

2. Was the subject born with mammaries,ovaries, and lacking dangly bits? If so, it’s a female.

There is no test that can be empirically evaluated to prove or disprove another gender. Such endeavors would rely on the subjects feelings.  So, to be fair, let’s extend the initial two questions into a more in-depth examination. 

  To fully remove the problem if emotion and feelings, it would help to observe a subject post mortem. Then, the endeavor is strictly a biological assessment.  Forensic pathologists are able to study a human skeleton and ascertain a wealth of information about the individual. Age, physical condition, diet, economic status, and yes…gender.

A female skeleton is distinctly different from that of a male.  The torso is elongated, the bone formation shows the effects of having less dense muscle mass, skull formation is different, and mist recognizably, the pelvic girdle is spread to accommodate carrying a baby.  Nowhere in the skeletal examination will you find characteristics of additional genders.

Taking it further, look at the DNA. 

The chromosomes have two basic patterns. XX and XY. The possibilities here are pretty narrow. Either you’re a male or a female. Appearance of an extra chromosome is indicative of another problem entirely, although I think most of those promoting the 101 genders probably qualify here.

In interest of wrapping this up, when you’re dead, nobody can tell how you identify. When you’re alive, the only one that cares is you.