Scotland To Decide On Whether Having A Sense Of Humour Is An Offence The Ballad Of Count Dankula

The two year ongoing trial on whether or not it is an offence to have a sense of humour in Scotland is to culminate today.

The subject of this monumental waste of court’s time is YouTuber Mark Meechan, otherwise known as his alias Count Dankula. Meechan taught his girlfriend’s pug Buddha to do Nazi salutes on command as a joke for a video, and to largely annoy his girlfriend. The authorities were alerted to this incredible display of Nazi propaganda, and Meechan was arrested.

Meechan, also known as ‘Literally Hitler’, states at the beginning of the video: “My girlfriend is always ranting and raving about how cute and adorable her wee dog is so I thought I would turn him into the least cute thing I could think of which is a Nazi” but Scottish court decided to ignore the concept of ‘context’ and ‘freedom of speech’ and have instead kept Meechan on trial for the best part of two years.

In the crackdown against free speech in the United Kingdom, it would appear to be an oversight on the police’s behalf that they did not arrest Meechan’s Nazi pug as well. It is clear to see that man’s best friend can easily be indoctrinated with Nazi ideology and that unless Buddha faces a fair trial he could potentially go on to deny the Holocaust. Hate speech should not be tolerated in any form, even if a species is unable to vocalise speech that humans can interpret.

If found guilty Meechan could face up to one year in jail to keep the public safe from his memes, but Buddha will remain free to spread his Nazi propaganda across Scotland.


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