Shocking! New Study Finds Virtue Signalling Male Feminists 70% More Likely To Be Hypocrites!

A controversial new study was released today claiming that extreme Male Feminists are more likely to be abusive hypocrites.

Those who virtue signal excessively on social media platforms are 70% more likely to abuse others within their private lives, researchers have found. The study by researchers at the University of Cambridge’s Gender Studies Department builds on previous social media research by various scientists since the inception of social media. The paper discovered a link between loudly proclaiming you respect women, and being an utter sex case.

We managed to speak to one of the scientists who had conducted the study. “We have found a direct correlation between the amount a Male Feminist virtue signals and how much of a dickhead they are in their private lives. The results don’t lie. The more tweets a Male Feminist makes about being a Nice Guy™ ally who ‘respects the women’ the more the likelihood increases that they themselves are misogynistic sex pests. A 70% increase in fact. This percentage shoots up to 85% if the Male Feminist works in journalism.”

The study tracked 300 self-proclaimed male feminists over a 3-year period.

We spoke to clinical psychoanalyst Leroy Willard for some insight on the report.

“What we have here are many cases of projection and overcompensation. The more vehemently these types of men protest the supposed misogyny of other men, and in doing so separating themselves to sway favor with females by looking ‘safer’ in comparison, the more these men are guilty themselves of such habits. It is very predictable.”

Leroy Willard left us with some advice on the matter:

“If a man buys you a drink, begins the conversation with ‘let’s bring down the white, cis, hetero-normative, misogynistic patriarchy!’, and says he works for Vice: run as fast as you can.”

From London, England, Alizee is a satirical contributor for New Media Central.