SMITH’S SOAPBOX: Dear Mainstream Media, report things fairly and then you won’t have an uprising on your hands

Last Sunday saw the Day for Freedom in London. The event saw thousands descend upon Downing Street and Whitehall in the name of free speech. Speakers included Breitbart London Editor Raheem Kassam, Rebel Media’s Tommy Robinson, UKIP Leader Gerard Batten and Count Dankula.

Why didn’t you hear about this, I hear you ask? Well, because the mainstream media didn’t cover it, and if they did, they dubbed it as a protest led by ‘right-wing figures’ like The Guardian did.


The youth wing of the UK Independence Party were in attendance

Whilst I was sadly unable to be present, many people I know were, including the chaps at the top of Young Independence, the radical youth wing of the UK Independence Party. Its chairman, Nathan Ryding, told NMC: “We witnessed thousands of people march in support of free speech. This marks the beginning of a new movement, we are the silent majority and we are now actually standing-up for ourselves and our rights as we are sick and tired of bowing down to ridiculous political correctness and cultural Marxism, and as Young Independence Chairman, I will be opposing such things as well fighting for freedom of speech.”

Such events will always be ignored by the mainstream media because they are well aware that their narrative is going against such actions. And those who do acknowledge it will look down on it as merely the right-wing “reclaiming” free speech as their own and how the left-wing must take a stance, which translates as: “right-wing people are exercising their right to free speech and we hate that, so we’re going to take a moral high-ground and mask the fact we’re actually shutting-down free speech because we disagree with what they’re saying”. Unfortunately, today’s modern snowflakery has seen a generation of people shut down free speech either because they are “offended” or worry others might be. In a civilised society, people can be allowed opinions and people can be allowed the right to challenge them. The more people are denied free speech, the resentment will rise and so will the people. Such denial of such a basic right in what is supposed to be a fair, free and tolerant country like the UK will eventually lead to unrest and if the media don’t grasp this soon, they will be powerless to prevent such alternative outlets such as this gaining more and more momentum.

As stated in a previous Soapbox column, protests will be made when President Trump visits Britain in two months’ time, and believe you me, the media will make it headline news. And the counter protests celebrating his visit will be deemed ‘far-right extremists’. I’ll bet the ownership of my genitals on it. Come back to this the day Trump arrives, and you’ll know how right I’ll be. I’ll wait for you here.

Not for many, certainly not the Jew

So, Labour did terribly at the local elections last week and Jeremy Corbyn attempt to make it seem victorious. Whilst there is nothing that comes to mind that I like policy-wise about the shadow cabinet, Labour were polling well and since the General Election, they’ve been wanting the Prime Minister to call another purely because they believed there was a big chance of winning it, considering how well they did against all predictions last time. But has the edge on Labour’s election hope been smoothed-out?

Adam Langleben, a Jewish former Labour councillor who lost his seat last week in Barnet, said that Labour’s recent anti-Semitism problems caused the losses, and the concerns of voters during his campaign led him to raise the concerns with the party’s HQ, but was ignored. Now, say whatever you want about the Blair and Brown era of Labour – and believe you me I’ve got plenty of negativity towards it – but you could never really accuse them of anti-Semitism. There seems to be an existential problem with Jewish people amongst the really hard left of the Labour Party, and Corbyn seems unperturbed by this and seems willing to let this happen. Back in 2015 when Corbyn was elected the Labour leader, his opening speech said he wanted a “kinder, gentler politics” and “personal attacks” should end. Almost three years later and he won’t even condemn attacks on Jewish people within Facebook groups that support him. The man is either playing dumb or he is crueller an individual than we all thought.

Corbyn seems totally unable to be removed no matter what mire he drags his party through. He’s already survived a no confidence vote and accusations of befriending terrorists in Hamas and the IRA but he is still the leader of the political party that has the most members in the country than any other. His unique uber-socialist brand of student politics has endeared him to many youngsters in Britain, and the pressure group Momentum, which seems to be run by sixth-form school children, that endorses everything he does down to his farts, form a barrier around him that everyone else in Labour that disagree with his approach cannot break down, and sometimes even cause them to leave the party or any position they may hold. What the bullies in Momentum are unaware of, is that their behaviour will eventually lead to electoral oblivion and alienate the electorate that Labour used to target. The floating voters that went to Labour last time won’t vote again given the anti-Semitism storm that has gripped them, but if any Tory advisor or think tanker is watching, calling an election may not be a good plan yet. Corbyn’s ridden through storms before and nothing can be ruled-out and nobody predicted last year’s election result, so sit tight and see how it plays out. If contrition to Jewish members of Labour won’t be expressed, then Corbyn’s Labour will be over and momentum will quite literally be gone.

Jack Oliver Smith is the Associate Editor of New Media Central. Follow him on Twitter @MisterJackSmith

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