SMITH’S SOAPBOX: Diane Abbott – the most moronic politician in Britain?

It really says something about the current state about the Conservative Party that the the current Labour Shadow Cabinet are only five percent behind them in the latest YouGov poll.

I’ve said in a previous column that the Labour Shadow Cabinet put me in mind of Jim Henson’s workshop, and believe you me, it is full to the brim with people who spew endless imbecility to the point where I begin to think that it perhaps it be a good idea for prospective MPs to pass a IQ test before they are able to take office, but there is one that stands-out in the current crop.

The comedian David Mitchell once said, during the Blair era, that the then-Deputy PM John Prescott was deployed to say and do daft things to distract the public from the stupidity of the rest of the Government, akin to setting aside a cake at a picnic for wasps to eat so they will ignore the rest of the food.

Now, perhaps this is a trifle insipid and layman-ish of me, but being the Deputy Prime Minister means standing in for the actual Prime Minister when he buggers off on holiday (or in Sir Nick Clegg’s case warming David Cameron’s toilet seat). The role of Home Secretary means you are responsible for the country’s policing, its national security, citizenship and immigration. And if you voted for Labour at the next General Election, chances are you are handing those responsibilities to Diane Abbott, quite possibly the most moronic British politician in living memory.

Of course, it didn’t really matter for a long time. Abbott was a backbench MP and the masses could laugh at her stupidity when she made regular appearances on the BBC’s This Week programme, on which she once proclaimed that Chairman Mao “did more good than harm”. However it was during her time on this show she began to voice some considerably racist views, claiming “West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children”, and claiming that “white people love playing divine and rule”. Yes, quite shameful behaviour, I’m sure you will agree, but she was a backbench MP and surely a political party like Labour would know that she was better-off being on the backbenches where she was less able to damage its PR machine? Enter Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy and Diane have some history. They were briefly in a relationship during the 1970s, Corbyn allegedly showing off pictures of a naked Abbott to his friends to impress them (I imagine they weren’t impressed), and Corbyn’s first wife accused Abbott of ordering her to “get out of town”. Such grotesque rumpy-pumpy rewarded Abbott some four decades later with the position of Shadow Home Secretary.

Since then, the gaffes have flowed through the River Dumb and flooded the political landscape, and what better a time than in the run-up to a General Election? The original, and perhaps most infamous, was her interview on Nick Ferrari’s breakfast show on LBC Radio. When questioned about Labour’s policy to recruit an extra 10,000 police officers, Abbott told Ferrari that the policy would cost £300,000, which would add to £30 per officer. Then when saying it would cost £80million, Ferrari explained that this would give those extra police officers a salary of £8,000-a-year.

Subsequently, Abbott made a series of mistakes which led to her being rested with one day of campaigning left, citing ill health. Thanks to possibly the worst Conservative campaign in recent history, Labour won enough seats to force a hung parliament, with the Tories forced to deal with the Ulster Unionists to remain in power. Abbott returned as Shadow Home Secretary straightaway.

Dim Diane gets her numbers wrong again.

A few months after the election, Amnesty International published the results of a study conducted which showed that Abbott was the most “abused” female MP over social media. Abbott quickly jumped upon this, claiming that she was being abused because she was both a woman and black. Whilst that some of the some 900,000 tweets that Amnesty studied would contain racist and/or misogynistic content, surely the bulk of them were merely pointing-out that Abbott is just what she is – a remarkably dim-witted politician. 900,000 Britons aren’t that racist or misogynistic, we are a progressive country. If Britain was that narrow-minded, a black woman would never have been able to have achieved such a success in the world of politics. She’s certainly popular in her constituency of Hackney North and Stoke Newington, where she increased her majority by 11,000.

Since then, Abbott has made more gaffes, and on the day of this article being written, Abbott made yet another in the wake of the Windrush immigration scandal which led to her Tory counterpart Amber Rudd resigning. Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Abbott refused to say how many illegal immigrants she would deport when asked by Piers Morgan.

I believe it is fair to say the current crop of Conservatives have been nothing short of shambolic and have embarrassed the country it is supposed to represent not only at home but at the negotiating table in Europe as we literally come to terms with exiting the EU, but ask please ask yourself this: Would you seriously want Diane Abbott to be part of the Government that would be elected to oversee Brexit, and in a time of constant worries and threats of terrorism (especially given she spoke out in favour of the IRA during the 1980s), to be the person in charge of protecting the British Isles?

Many of the youth of Britain today will tell you the Tories are evil, but sometimes, it’s worth remembering that compared to Labour, they are perhaps the lesser of two.

Jack Smith

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Jack is from Hampshire, England, who has recently entered into the foray of political reporting, with a background primarily in sports journalism, in which he has interviewed Formula 1 drivers and British soccer stars. Jack is a supporter of the UK Independence Party and campaigned for ‘Brexit’, his particular interests being British politics and political campaign analysis. A keen poet, Jack has performed frequently in his home town in-front of small audiences of left-wing creative writers, who he is disappointed not to have offended yet.