SMITH’S SOAPBOX: Has the Trump Train chugged onto the wrong tracks?

“I’m gonna bomb the shit out of them!” proclaimed President Trump of ISIS. Well, he’s made a start. And this bombing is at least in keeping with a promise he made in his campaign.

Last week’s bombing of Syria against President Assad’s alleged chemical attack on his own people has seriously created division between his supporters, with many claiming it goes against Trump’s ‘America First’ policy, and that the bombing actually played into the hands of ISIS.

Whilst I hold mixed opinions on yesterday’s bombing in Afghanistan, I was, and still am, most certainly against the decision to Syria last week. The leftists, liberals and neo-cons will pour scorn on this of course – and label me a supporter of Assad which I most certainly am not – but it’s clear to see Assad is the lesser of two evils as he is a secular dictator. Secular dictators, whilst not perfect by any means, will let their Christian citizens live in relative peace. Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi are two examples of this, and when the West helped remove them, what have we been left with? A void filled by Islamic terrorists. Saddam and Gadaffi were in many other ways cruel and vindictive despots, but in comparative terms, what would you rather have? If Trump’s intel is correct and over 30 ISIS soldiers have been killed, then it should be deemed a success, and if there is further intel about further ISIS soldiers in the vicinity, then surely it might be worth dropping another?

Another interesting question is who put Trump up to this? And who is in his inner-circle? It’s been said that The Donald’s captivating daughter Ivanka – who I would admittedly find it difficult to say no to regarding most things – influenced the decision, and it has also been said that her husband Jared Kushner has forced his way into the inner-circle, elbowing out Steve Bannon in the process. Many of the hardcore passengers on the Trump Train have bemoaned this decision, and it’s hard to disagree with this. Bannon has been regarded as a key influence in the campaign, so it seems rather ungrateful of the POTUS to make the decision to sideline him so swiftly. Another disconcerting about Kushner is that his real estate company has financial links to doom-mongering coffin-dodger George Soros, who has spoken openly about his attempts to fight Trump, as well as calling him a “would-be dictator” who, in his view will “fail”. If it’s as simple as being the President’s son-in-law to hold a significant share of power, I feel that it in the interests of the future peace and stability of the world, that I should try to convince Ivanka to marry me. I could save the world.

This is sound reasoning and logic, right?*

It seems to me that if you marry Ivanka, you hold significant sway with the President.


If the motive behind the attack on Assad was pure hubris to warn potentially-dangerous nations that this is what America is capable of, or if it was a one-off intended to warn off Assad from using chemical weapons (if he did in the first place, of course, as many have called the authenticity of the heart-rendering videos and images of the attack’s devastation) again, then perhaps I and those on the Trump Train will let this one go, but a repeat of such action will cause many to wonder if Trump is as different as he promised to be.

*No, it makes me sound like a deranged stalker.

WHY ARE THE MEDIA SO QUIET ABOUT SWEDEN?: As we’re on the subject of Islamic terrorism, it reared its very ugly head in Sweden last week, where four people were murdered and at least fifteen were injured when an Uzbek supporter of ISIS drove a truck into a busy crowd of shoppers in Stockholm.

It’s worth noting that the media have been decidedly quiet on this since the initial attack, and the BBC and CNN even told us it was the truck that killed the people, not the terrorist pushing the pedal and holding the steering wheel.

It’s another classic example of the mainstream media choosing to ignore a terrorist attack as much as they can, choosing to be a part of the problem instead of being part of the solution. It’s disappointing, but I am not surprised.

DEAR DOUGIE, WHERE’S MY RESPONSE?: Douglas Carswell, the slack-jawed Tory-lite, has kept decidedly quiet on his decision not to call a by-election in his Clacton constituency, despite being vocal in his support of recall and by-elections should an MP switch parties.

In the Monday after his resignation from UKIP, I wrote to Dougie and asked him what he is scared of. I’ve not heard back yet.


And it would be churlish of me not to wish all two of my regular readers a very Happy Easter.

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