SMITH’S SOAPBOX: It’s really time to #PrayForFrance Are they bed sheets on the clothes line? Nope, it's just more white flags

It’s ironic that the people of France are waking-up on VE Day to the reality that they have surrendered to the Germans for the third time, and this time they didn’t even have to invade.

Yesterday, the centrist, independent globalist, establishment candidate Emmanuel Macron (or is that Merkron?) defeated Marine Le Pen to become the first French President to be married to someone old enough to recollect the Napoleonic revolution. He’s already touched-base with Chancellor Merkel and has arranged a meeting with the new power behind the French throne and you can be certain that he will be taking his place at the negotiation table for Britain’s Brexit talks with his derriere jutting towards the pouting lips of his European masters.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh on wee little Manu. He has talked of reforming the European Union, but many European leaders have, and have all failed. The EU is beyond reform, and the only way it can change is to just obliterate it completely. Not that I particularly believe him, as I don’t anything anyone who wants to reform the EU would wish to walk onto the stage for his victory speech to the tune of Ode To Joy, the EU official anthem. It has been a financial disaster, and the accompanying Schengen Agreement has opened the doors, literally, to the prospect of Islamic terrorism, and France of all countries should know this better than most. It has been the location of several terrorist attacks over the last few years, and a Macron presidency, which will plot for further Islamification of France, so it’s my view that Macron’s victory is and will cause a danger to the French people, and its culture, but “no such thing” exists, according to Macron, who made a victory speech outside the famed Parisian art gallery The Louvre. It certainly won’t under his presidency – everything that enriches and is good about France is under serious risk.

I wish Macron luck with his presidency. My expectations of him are so low that if France is anything but a pile of burning rubble in five years time, I’ll consider it somewhat successful.

As for Marine Le Pen? It’s just time to dance.



Jack Smith

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