SMITH’S SOAPBOX: Korean leaders meet amid possible peace progress – and it’s all that Donald Trump’s fault

This week saw an historic meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea which resulted in an agreement between Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in to work on denuclearisation of the peninsula.

The South’s Foreign Minister, Kang Kyung-wha told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that President Trump should be credited for the meeting taking place, saying: “He’s been determined to come to grips with this since day one”.

Even state-run television in the North have reported this enthusiastically. To many, Kim Jong-un and his regime in the North has been the single biggest threat to world peace in the last few years. Soon they could rid themselves of nuclear weapons.

And it’s all that Donald Trump’s fault. I thought he was supposed to bring division and instability to the world, and now he’s 10/1 with a British bookmakers to win the Nobel Peace Prize? When will that inconsiderate orange bastard get with the f**king programme?

This is truly a terrible time for liberals and lefties everywhere. Their smug derision of Trump became mouth-frothing incandescence the minute he won Ohio on election night, and since then they’ve attempted to deride any effort he makes to do anything. Heck, the man can’t even take a dump in the morning without CNN hiring a health correspondent to speculate what he had for dinner the night before. Perhaps I am talking too soon, given that the President did recently lead the US, Britain and France to a series of air strikes on Syria only a matter of days ago, but the Peace Prize speculation is a real game changer for Democrats everywhere. Their golden boy Obama won it for making some nice speeches about how he intended to make the world a better place. He left office becoming the only President in history to technically be at war for every single day he was in office for two terms. In under 18 months, Trump, whilst it may not come to fruition, has been the cause of Kim Jong-un becoming the first North Korean Premier to meet the leader of the South since 1953. It’s quite a feat to make that happen, but if denuclearisation becomes reality, then surely Trump’s intervention ranks alongside the Reagan Doctrine and JFK’s handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

On a much lesser scale, the anti-Trump narrative with the media and modern showbusiness took a kick in the nuts this week when Kanye West came out in support of the President, Tweeting a photo of his MAGA cap signed by Trump. He lost almost 10 million followers in 24 hours, including Harry Styles (oh no! How will Kanye survive that is beyond me), but Trump fans now laud him as a possible Presidential candidate in 2024. This further reiterates my point in last week’s column that celebrities are at a constant risk of losing popularity if they don’t support a liberal agenda.

The left are scarcely able to deal with this, as to them, supporting Trump automatically makes you a white supremacist, but people of other ethnicities are unable to be racist. So how can they explain a black rapper supporting Trump? Pressing ‘unfollow’.

More Trump Derangement Syndrome was in evidence this week when it was announced that the President is to visit Britain on July 13th. Whilst it isn’t a state visit, Trump is expected to meet Prime Minister Theresa May and perhaps even the Queen. The Guardian‘s rent-a-gob Owen Jones is apparently organising a “carnival against hatred” the day Trump makes the visit. New Media Central will be there to cover the event. The sun will shine, but the snowflakes will be everywhere.

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