Telephone Game

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi caved to pressure from the Democrat Caucus yesterday, and initiated impeachment an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. The basis for the inquiry that has been much sought after by Democrats since the final tally of electorals in 2016 is an allegation of an illegal quid pro quo between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The story is that in July of this year, President Trump asked Zelensky to help his 2020 bid by reopening the investigation into corruption on the part of then Vice President Joe Biden on behalf of his son, Hunter. This allegation was made by an unnamed whistleblower from the intelligence community through the office of the Inspector General. Thus far, the report has not been given to Congress, and the whistleblower has yet to testify.

The lack of evidence,testimony, or even the report didn’t stop House Democrats from losing their minds behind microphones all over the Hill and initiating the impeachment inquiry. It seems they finally found the reason they’ve longed for.

There’s only one small fly in the ointment. This morning, President Trump released the unredacted transcript of his conversation with President Zelensky. The transcript sheds interesting light on the situation.

This excerpt plainly shows President Trump asking Zelensky to help resolve the mystery of the missing Clinton server, which vanished after the Clinton Campaign contracted Ukrainian security firm Crowdstrike to inspect it.

Further along the conversation, Trump does mention the Biden situation.

This portion relates closely to reports earlier this year that the Ukrainians were questioning the American DOJ’s seeming reluctance to review evidence in the Biden controversy. In April, The Hill published an op/Ed detailing the Ukrainian’s skepticisms. As details emerged, Trump and fellow Republicans were outraged to learn that, in fact, Biden had been bragging about having strong-armed the Ukrainian government into firing the prosecutor general.

Biden can be seen detaining his actions here.

The most serious part of the allegation prompting this impeachment inquiry would have to be the quid pro quo. As you can see by reading the full transcript, there was none.

Instead, what we see is the sitting President requesting assistance in solving a lingering question for the American public, and expressing interest in reviewing possible evidence of criminal corruption that is substantiated by Biden’s own words.

Basically, the takeaway is, Trump is digging into the root of the Russia hoax, and shedding more light on an Obama administration brimming with shady behavior. Clearly, the Democrats are willing to stop at nothing to prevent that.

It’s likely that this latest move to usurp the President will cost the Democrats in 2020. It will be seen as a blatantly partisan smear intended to sway the opinion of moderates. However, it will certainly energize Trump’s base and ensure that the conservatives who did not vote in the midterms will flock to the polls in 2020.

This places several vulnerable Democrat congressional seats in jeopardy, and makes the task of Democrat Presidential hopefuls even more difficult than it already is.