Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s Twitter Account Liked a Naughty Video This is not satire. His Twitter really did like a hardcore porn video

Was it Russia? An intern? Or did the senator not realize he was on his main Twitter account?

Around 1am today it was brought to my attention that the Twitter account of Texas Senator, and former GOP primary presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, “liked” a 2 minute long clip of porn from a Twitter account called “SexuallPosts”.

As you can see from this screen grab I took it is the real deal.

It is a form of Pornography called Cuckqueen. According to Kinkly.com A cuckqueen is a woman who is aroused by her partner engaging in sex activity with another partner. The pleasure derived from the activity is masochistic in nature and might include a humiliation component.

The archive is here.
Twitter is exploding with people commenting about this from all over the political spectrum. It is also the number 1 trend.

His former college roommate had this to say.

Twitter user WildGoose made a video going over what happened. He was one of those responsible in the unmasking of who is behind The Reagan Battalion. For more from him check out his YouTube.

Catherine Frazier, Senior Communications Advisor to Senator Cruz, had this to say:

Ted Cruz to reporters this morning.

I can see this. It is obvious others have access to his account. Early Sunday he was posing for pictures at the Houston Texans game and someone else was taking the photos.

After an extremely sad day for millions around America, Senator Ted Cruz’s Twitter gave a new meaning to the phrase “We will rise.”

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