The Agony of Defeat

Well, once again we have been thrust further into the abyss that is progressiveism.  The pathological drive for inclusion and acceptance that those with certain mental illnesses need to be protected and nurtured has once again shown itself in sports.  I’m not talking about the rising trend of trans genders in highschool or college sports either. No, this time it’s the Olympics.   

  The IOC has announced new rules governing transgender athletes that not only reduces the time requirements in reference to duration of hormone therapies, but now the trans athlete’s won’t even need to have had reassignment surgery. 

  Right now this subject is being hotly debated because (let’s be honest) men are entering women’s track events and blistering the field. This isn’t doing much to motivate young female athletes to devote their time, sweat, tears, and yes, training dollars to a sport.  In fact, it discourages it. Let’s set this argument aside for a moment, though, and look at another.

  What will happen when we begin having men competing in women’s Olympic Judo or Karate? How will the optics be when a man, due to differences in physical strength and aggression, not only beats the breaks off a young female competitor, but seriously injures one? What does this move spell out for the future of women in weightlifting? 

  This compulshion to normalize a mental disorder in the name of inclusion is taking us down a dark and dangerous path. Rather than celebrating our innate differences, we are being driven and pushed into societal homogenization. In this model, everyone is special, providing you agree.

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