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With the recent news of FBI informant, Douglas Campbell, testifying that Russia had funneled millions to the Clinton Foundation prior to the Uranium 1 deal (source: ), what better time to look into another major player that the mainstream media seems to be completely ignoring. Who is this mystery man? One Alexander Downer.

Now that name may not be familiar to you or it may be hanging on the tip of your tongue, but you are probably more familiar with his other pseudonym, the Australian Diplomat. The same Aussie diplomat that had tipped off the FBI that Russian hackers had hijacked DNC emails that would embarrass Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, after a night of drinking with then Trump campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos (source: ). Unfortunately for the media outlets pushing this narrative, with a little digging around we can see that Mr. Downer has a deeper history with the Clintons and Russia than we are being told.

Just a brief back story on this seemingly random player in our current media stream goes a little like this. Alex began his political career back in the late 1970s in the Australian Diplomatic Service where he served until 1982. Between 1983 and 1984 he found himself as the Executive Director of the Australian Chamber of Commerce until he was elected to the federal Parliament of Mayo, where he sat until his retirement in 2008. In 1994 he became the leader of the Opposition Party for about a year before he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, which like his position on the Chamber of Commerce, he held until 2008 (source: ). With all of that out of the way…enter Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

Back in 2006 Alexander sat down with former US President Bill Clinton to sign a Clinton Foundation funding agreement that would give millions in Australian tax payer dollars to the Clinton Foundation under the guise of the “Cooperation in the fight against HIV and AIDS in The Peoples Republic of China, The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, and other Territories of Mutual Interest” (source: ). The ultimate sum of tax dollars sent to the foundation reached upwards of $88 million by 2014. The largest of these donations took place between the years of 2012 and 2013, the importance of those dates will soon be clear. Coincidentally the FBI is currently working with former Australian police officer and current investigative journalist, Michael Smith, to determine the legitimacy of these donations (source: ).

Shortly after the agreement signed with Bill and the Clinton foundation, Alex finalized a deal with Russia on a co-operative agreement to supply Russia with Australian uranium for processing and ultimately to be used in their power plants (source: ). The Russian working with Mr. Downer on this agreement was Sergey Kiriyenko, head of Rosatom, the parent company of Uranium 1. At the time, this agreement that was signed was only that, an agreement. It is not for a few more years that we are going to see any real action on this deal between Russia, Uranium 1, and Australia. For a full break down of the Clinton/Uranium 1 connection please check out this Andrew McCarthy piece from the National Review. It breaks the whole thing down in greater detail.

In 2011 Australia officially announced the opening of their latest uranium mine, Honeymoon Well, which at the time is owned by Rosatom’s Uranium 1 and Japan based Mitsui (source: Pg. 15). After two years Uranium 1 took over 100% ownership of Honeymoon before suspending all activity in late 2013 and completely selling the mine off in 2015 (source: ).

Now, it is important to note that Alexander did in fact retire from his position of Foreign Affairs Minister shortly after signing both the Clinton Foundation funding agreement and the Russian uranium deal, but these two pacts appear to have gotten Australia involved in what’s developing into one of the largest scandals in US history.

Was Downer involved in a Clinton pay to play scheme to bring in a Clinton connected Uranium firm? We can only speculate at this point, however the evidence is extremely compelling. It could of course be a coincidence that the largest payments from Australia to the Clinton Foundation were during the peak years of the Honeymoon mine operation but either way, with all of this, it seems pretty clear that Alexander Downer is not just an Australian Diplomat who, in part, helped fuel the Trump/Russia investigation. It is almost as if his past connections may have put him in that bar with George on that night in May of 2016. Which then begs the question why/how he knew George Papadopoulos in the first place. With that in mind, we should then ask ourselves who really is George Papadopoulos? But that’s a story for another time.

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