The Breakdown of the Most Basic Social Arithmetic Gave Us Clownworld

Paul Joseph Watson uploaded a fantastic video a few days ago cataloging a cross-section of what’s going on in society nowadays. It was like checking the dipstick on your engine, only it was a measurement of collective madness.

God only knows what 2020 and beyond will bring, although I am personally betting that LGBTQ will add a P by 2024 if not sooner. Not long ago I stumbled across this Reddit post about the term, “Clown World”. It’s truly amazing the number of people that declare Clown World to be neo-nazi code speak. Like the OK hand sign becoming a gang sign for white power, the popular catchphrase when a piece of news fit the Clown World description, honk honk, became a secret way for white supremacists to say heil hitler.

Honk Honk

Watch that video and tell me Clown World isn’t real. You have to pole vault over a mountain of insanity to reach the conclusion that it’s a way for neo-nazis to criticize progressives. No, that is merely the left trying to shame you for being normal. To make you afraid to acknowledge the obvious. So you won’t bat an eye at people with penises dominating girls’ and women’s sports, for example.

Language warning:

If we kept going half the internet would end up in this article. People have been saying the world has gone mad as long as I can remember and long before I was born. And it can ALWAYS get worse. However, we have definitely gone around a bend if not the bend. Black is white, up is down, and you can ruin your career or worse for saying something that wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow just a couple years ago even if you said it 30 years ago.

It’s interesting that you can decipher the thought processes of leftists by what they say about the right. They’re constantly accusing conservatives of dog whistles and codes (OK sign and honk honk), but that’s because that is how they think. AOC just threw the racism charge at Pelosi, accidentally exposing the fact that the term racist has lost all meaning. When you’re called a racist, it actually means that you oppose leftist dogma (or insufficiently committed to it per the standards of the accuser) . Simply put, they will say and do anything that gets them across the finish line.

Leftist insurrections have always been terrible, but never have they so… utterly wacko. Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and Venezuela all embraced an awful philosophy, but not total madness. Really, the only event in human history that can really compare is the French Revolution. In no time at all, especially considering there was no tech or social media, they went from protesting their living conditions to pointless blood lust. By the end, the instigators were turning on each other because they had murdered all of their other scapegoats. And the only thing that put a stop to it was a dictatorship.

But whereas with the 18th century French you could at least understand that they had horrific circumstances and their initially valid grievance simply got lost in the noise, 21st century Americans have the sweetest deal human beings have ever had. US citizens that fall below the poverty line have Playstations and IPhones. In the entire history of mankind the poor dealt with starvation, in America they’re fat. Leftist politicians have no true hardship to exploit, so instead they exploit discontent.

We have the luxury to argue over pop culture on a daily basis. Some even are able to earn a living doing it. I’m as guilty as anyone for it, but I thank the Lord everyday that I live in a society so successful that I am afforded that ability. These useful idiots are going to throw away a life of plenty for desolation, all the while complaining about how bad they have it, claiming they’re oppressed, frenzied over fake controversies, knowing less than any society before even though knowledge is more accessible than ever, and distracted by the most talentless garbage that passes for entertainment.

So how did we get here? By denying the patently obvious, obsessively. We have denied the direct correlation between liberty and responsibility. We cannot maintain our freedoms if we continuously abdicate our responsibilities. But that is just so hard and really nice politicians campaign with promises of solutions. We can have our cake and eat it too. The impending collapse will be the collapse of lies and denials. Eventually the bill comes due.

Things like the denial of correlation explain a lot, but not the sheer scope of societal deviation. Correlation is a slightly more complex mathematical discipline. The problem has to be at the fundamentals. Which is why the assault on the nuclear family is so relentless, especially on the capstone. After all, what equation is more basic than 1 + 1? The entirety of mathematics is built from this point. If you deny the certitude of it, everything else in math flies apart. Likewise, one man plus one woman is the smallest microcosm of society.

Like a crystal taking the same shape as the molecule that forms it, society takes the shape of the basic building block that it is made up of. I do not particularly care what people do in their bedrooms so as long as they do not force me to, but when we collectively stopped accepting the simplest truth, our society became unmoored from reality. 1 + 1 no longer has to equal 2 if that is not how you feel. So if you can imagine what math would look like if mathematicians no longer accepted that, you can see why our society is becoming what it is.


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