The Illusion of the Government Racket’s Necessity

I’m sure that those of you who are into politics and really take a “radical” or “extreme” angle have been called either a conspiracy theorist or even a “nut-job” by your typical statist sheep at one time or another. If you haven’t, that’s also okay. Since the beginning of time we can study something or someone known as an alpha male for different species, humans have a different leader. We call our leader government. Unlike other species where the alpha male uses their own physical strength, humans manipulate others through speech and other means. This allows for the manipulator to obtain his will through other people doing it for them.

When looking at government you will notice it is very simple yet filled with very complex details which are tailored to the liking of the creator of that detail and their associates. Now many will say that upon examining political parties you will notice of the similarities that republicans and democrats share. This is true to an extent. A lot of people will go as far to say that the two parties conspire against the people as one unit. That can be true for a great deal but the motive behind each parties actions are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Republicans want you to control your money but not your actions as democrats want to control your money but you control your actions. Neither of those options are true freedom.

Next we reach third parties. Third parties are very interesting in determining outcome. They will draw votes away from parties and give an upper hand. A third party has never won a presidential election and the closest it has ever been was in 1912 when Roosevelt’s progressive “Bull-Moose” party when it had 88 electoral votes. That is one thing both republicans and democrats can agree on is to censor the third party through the media. The mainstream media funds politicians to get repaid after that politician wins. Corporations own politicians.  These same media outlets will silence the third party to keep control themselves. A great example of this is when Fox News covered Jade-Helm 15 and referred to Alex Jones as a “far-right radio host in Austin” and the Drudge report as just “a libertarian website”. There is no way to deny that they don’t list the names of the sources for the sake of keeping an audience but there is even more behind that of maintaining control over the population.

It was never said evil could not be smart. Adolf Hitler was a great example of that. “Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state.” Those are some very truthful words. In today’s society that applies to every source of information to the public. Public school is a method used to show what to think compared to how to think. In school, you’re forced to take classes that could contradict your beliefs or stop you from developing some for yourself. Even as far back as I remember, in social studies one of the top things we were taught is the idea that government is completely necessary. Something most students are not taught is that government is the absolute source for most evil in the world.

Evil is seen as coercing an individual in one way or another. If a man walks in a school in the U.S. and shot dozens of kids the media would focus on it for weeks perhaps even months. However, there is a double standard where the government can blow up a building with a drone and kill the same amount of children and because we had a suspicion that “terrorists” were hiding there it’s completely just and righteous as it was just a mistake. Our soldiers are perhaps the most deceived individuals in this nation. They are the people who join believing that their cause is for a good reason and nothing but.

In the eyes of the government lives are resources in an overwhelming surplus of them. By occupying Iraq for ten years prior to the 9/11 attacks we simply exchanged lives for oil. In Europe, the price for fuel is around $5 USD a liter. Ever wonder why that is? Ron Paul warned us about an inevitable attack in retaliation if we did not pull out. You would think if politicians cared about saving lives they would have listened. Instead we continued to arm the rebel groups who would turn into ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban etc..

If you are shoved into an alleyway to have you wallet stolen or get beaten up, it’s considered theft. If the I.R.S. forces you to pay an income tax based on how hard you work or have your home raided it’s just paying your fair share. After all, how else would the government obtain all that money to fund these  operations such as the war on drugs and the war on terror? And those huge

budgets that are met by the DEA holding private parties and renting prostitutes with your tax dollars? Good golly! I almost forgot, who would militarize the police to protect me? I know if you’re like me you feel safer with MRAPs rolling the streets and our police using their “assault rifles” in no-knock raids.

When the constitution was written as the guidelines for the nation, they obviously did not want to change it. The founding fathers were certain the only changes made should be technology. They said a standing army was optional but the militia was mandatory for all able-bodied men ages 17-45. Our current government does not want you to have their state of the art weaponry. That would be a threat to their power now wouldn’t it? They say National Guard is the militia. What do you do when the militia works for the government?

Look at yourself now. To the government you are simply just a tax cow known not by a name but a number per se. It’s all an illusion to make you think you’re free simply by choosing what rights you do and don’t want to enforce on yourself and others. Democracy is not liberty when your options do not include everybody’s personal liberties.


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