The (In)Tolerant Left

The Left continues to push their Marxist agenda. Quite simply their agenda is one of hatred, intolerance, bigotry, racism, misogyny, and everything else they accuse those on the right of being. Of course, this is projection on their part; attempting to categorize individuals they despise as being essentially what the Left is made up of.

The Left routinely say one thing, but represent the opposite. Just some of the things we hear the Left spout are:

  • “When they go low, we go high”
  • AntiFa against Fascism
  • “Love trumps hate”
  • , etc., etc.

I’m sure you can add plenty of memes you’ve heard from the Left as they attempt to maneuver us into a war of words, shout us down, and threaten to physically assault us into submission to their “ideals.” Loving, isn’t it?

We’ve watched as one group went into a restaurant where a government official was dining. They surrounded her and essentially harassed her to the point that she needed to leave. Another group went to her townhome and protested outside. All this based on the alleged needs of illegal alien children being separated from their parents.

You never hear a peep out of the Left when American parents are separated from their children because those parents are arrested for crimes they allegedly committed. Children are often placed into foster care via Child Protective Services and are separated from their children, but does the Left care about that? No, it’s become increasingly clear that the only people the Left cares about are MS-13 gangbangers, criminals, and illegal aliens. They desperately need voters and people are walking away from the Democrat Party in droves. Their “blue wave” is turning out to be little more than a trickle.

We’ve also listened as duly elected Congress people rally the troops in their districts to literally harass conservatives. This is seditious and I can only wonder when the law will prevail against this type of ugly rhetoric. It is unhealthy. It damages the democratic process and it helps to destroy America’s Constitutional Republic. This appears to be what the Left want though and aren’t planning on stopping until they get it.

Recently, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders went to enjoy some food at Red Hen, located in Lexington, VA. She was asked to leave by the owner because she works for President Donald J. Trump. Imagine if you will, if Sanders was black or gay. I find it difficult to believe that a person can be refused service solely based on their political ideology, but this is what the Left is creating in America, to the rapturous applause of other Leftists. They are the true bigots.

It is also becoming very clear that these loud, vocal, ignorant Leftists are actually in the minority. Yes, they control much of the mainstream media (MSM). Yes, they have the microphone and therefore can speak louder than most of us. Yes, they use all the tricks taught to them by their mentor Saul Alinsky. Yes, they want to turn America into a socialist hellhole.

But here is the problem for the Left that is becoming much clearer. They are outnumbered, plain and simple. They can cry, moan, groan, attack verbally and physically and they can “resist” all they want. They can mislabel, lie, cheat, and do everything they can to “win” their point. The truth is that they are losing and it appears they know that. The Left’s “resistance” is seen for what it is and conservatives and independents are starting to fight back.

Imagine if you will someone breaking into your home. They threaten you, telling you if they don’t get what they want, they’ll hurt you. Because you’re taken by surprise this first time, you play along. You are anxious to placate them so that neither you nor your family is harmed. You just want them to take what they want and leave and it’ll be over.

Unfortunately, it’s not over. They do take what they want and they do leave but they come back. Not only that, but now the word on the street is that your home is ripe for picking because you will not resist them. So not only does the original thief come back, but others attempt to do the same thing.

What is your response to that? If you continue to try to placate, eventually you’ll have nothing and both you and your family will be in a world of hurt. No one with a modicum of intelligence would put up with that type of repeat behavior. In fact, you would very likely take pains to regain control of your home and life either during the first break-in or immediately after. You’d install burglar alarms. You’d buy guns if you did not have any. You’d make sure you had ammo on hand. You’d strengthen your doors and windows making it more difficult for anyone to break in. You might even buy a security camera system and post signs warning people that their actions are being recorded.

My wife and I now live in the country on several acres. After moving in, the first thing I did was hire a locksmith to change the locks. I have a huge shop/garage and had an additional deadbolt installed in the small door. The locksmith, who also lives in the country, said I wouldn’t need it. My neighbors pretty much leave their homes, vehicles, and sheds unlocked. They’re welcome to it. I don’t. We have a camera security system for both the front and the back of the home even though there’s woods behind us. I have extra cameras that I can view remotely when we are away from home.

I have taken every precaution to ensure that if someone is going to try to break into my home, they will be unsuccessful. It’s not as if people living in the country are never broken into though it happens far less than it does in towns and cities. Why should I take a chance? Why shouldn’t I give myself peace of mind?

If I wake up in the middle of the night and hear someone attempting to break into my home, I will dial the police, put the phone down, grab my gun and deal with the intruder. It is that simple. I will not cower. I will not hide or wait for the law to arrive. I won’t go looking for trouble but if trouble comes to find me, I will deal with it.

This is where conservatives need to be right now. We are hearing and reading some of the most vile and vicious things posted by people on social networks. What they are actually saying proves that “when they go low we go high” is not something they follow. They want us to believe they take the high road but at every turn they drop down into the deepest part of the sewer. We need to understand that this is where they are most comfortable. They actually like it in the sewer. Because of that we need to get beyond the belief that the Left wants to actually dialogue. They do not want to dialogue. They want to shut conservatives down any way they can accomplish it.

If it means harassing us on the streets, at gas stations, at restaurants or even in front of our homes, this is the level to which the Left will stoop. They are no more interested in discussion than a coiled rattlesnake would like to chat with you. That snake will strike if it is coiled and rattling its tail. It is a sign that you are in danger and should leave. This should be the approach we take with the Left because it’s all they really understand.

In a day and age when the Left will call someone out for using a metaphor that’s been around for decades – “Cotton-picking mind” – it tells us how low the Left will stoop in order to gain a point. If they cannot win the discussion – and they can’t – they will insinuate race, bigotry, or something else into the mix in order to silence or thwart anyone who does not agree with them.

What can conservatives do in the face of this acrimony and viciousness perpetrated by the rabid Left? Several things and I’d like to present them here, but feel free to add your own.

  • Never surrender. Simply that, never give up your space. Stand your ground. Resist the resisters. They have nothing except ugly words and raunchy emotions.
  • Remain calm or as calm as you can be because you will be able to think more clearly.
  • If you do not carry, ask yourself why you do not carry. I live in a state that allows open or concealed carry with a carry permit. I’m amazed at how many people here do not take advantage of that. It boggles my mind as I live in a Castle Doctrine state. You don’t even need a carry permit to carry in your car because your car is considered an extension of your home/domicile.
  • Along with carry, make sure you train with your weapon. Do not carry if you do not know your weapon.
  • Do not get into a war of words with the Left. You will not win because they will go as low as possible every time.
  • Vote for every true conservative you can find. Support their campaigns. There must be changes made to the content of Congress this fall or we will lose the big picture because President Trump’s hands will be tied as there are already too many RINOs in Congress who are Dems in disguise.
  • If someone refuses to serve you, find a lawyer. The Left will start to back down when it affects their wallets. Boycott that place. Get other conservatives involved in the process. Let your money do your talking and it will talk.

The Left is truly bereft. Their “hearts” never bleed for actual Americans. No feminists came out to support Press Secretary after she was refused service at the Red Hen. The Left doubles down and encourages others to do the same thing.

We are now hearing a few voices like David Axelrod and the Washington Post calling for “civility” and condemning the actions of Red Hen and others even though Axelrod and WaPo have helped create this lack of civility in society.

They are calling for civility because they know they are outnumbered and failing. They have woken a sleeping giant and will be paying the price for that very soon.

Folks, watch your backs. We are living in dangerous times solely because the Left realizes the end is near for them. They are like caged animals fighting to be free of their cage. Remain calm. Remain absolutely alert. Remain clearly steadfast. The Left’s intolerance will be their unequivocal undoing.