The Left Tried To Take Away Their Right to Protect Themselves… and LOST Philly Business Owners Defeat Provision That Would Ban Bulletproof Glass

The latest among things that are no longer politically correct to have – bulletproof glass. Most people recognize that the reason many shop owners in dangerous neighborhoods install the glass is plain and simple – the neighborhoods are dangerous – but that isn’t reason enough not to offend members of the radical left who aimed to ban Stop-n-Go stores from using it.

Philadelphia Councilwoman Cindy Bass introduced the bill in an effort to make obtaining and keeping a liquor license more difficult. In order to serve alcohol, a restaurant would need to also serve hot food, have seating for 30 or more patrons, and provide access to restrooms. These parts of the bill went largely unopposed. What drew massive protest from the public on Monday night was a provision that would remove barriers between business employees and their customers, including bulletproof glass.

Adam Xu, who was protesting the bill, told ABC Philadelphia, 

“Today we are here for bulletproof glass, which is our major concern. We have no problem at all with the bill. The only thing we have a problem with is bulletproof glass, which everybody deserves. It’s our last line of defense for our safety, for our lives.”

Councilwoman Bass sees the issue in another light. She questions what impact the glass may have on children and the community as a whole.

“We want to make sure that there isn’t this sort of indignity, in my opinion, to serving food through a plexiglass [window] only in certain neighborhoods… No more normalization of receiving food or drink through a prison-like solitary confinement window. What message does it send our children? What are we conditioning them for?”


What are shop owners conditioning people for? The question should be what has the community conditioned shop owners for! Shop owners are not spending thousands of dollars on bulletproof glass for no reason. Let’s consider the crime rate in Philadelphia for a moment. The city has more than triple the national murder rate, double the national rape rate, quadruple the national robbery rate, and double the assault rate.

crime rate

Cindy Bass and others who claim bulletproof glass is racist ought to consider that this bill would target largely one race of people – Koreans. Went met with this fact, Bass said that that statement was “offensive”.

Luckily, on Monday night there was enough protest over this provision that it was dropped from the bill. Shop owners can continue to keep themselves safe for the time being.

While I live nowhere near Philadelphia, I’ve been witness to stores and gas stations installing bulletproof glass. I live in a suburb of Milwaukee, WI, one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in America. My area is quite safe though. At least that’s what I thought. Although most crime is low, a gas station just blocks from my house was robbed on three separate instances in the last three years. This summer, the owner finally decided to install bulletproof glass.

Can I blame him? The glass doesn’t make me feel bad for myself; it makes me feel bad for the owner and his employees, who even felt the need to take such a measure. This isn’t a bad neighborhood, but to keep themselves safe, these poor people had to encapsulate themselves in a plexiglass room, complete with multiple surveillance cameras.

Business owners take these measures because they accurately recognize that government protection will not keep them safe in instances of immediate danger. Rather than be wholly dependent on government, owners take things into their own hands and do what they can to stay safe. It is their effort NOT to be dependent on government that is truly offensive to the left.

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