The Patriarchy Show- Episode 4

Episode 4 touched upon so many issues. Ian goes on numerous Alex Jones style rants, Sal is happy to talk about the Log Cabin Republicans again, and Ian and Sal learn about three year old prank on a NJ councilwoman.

Other topics:
– Newt Gingrich trashes Trump
– The Heart of Marine Foundation
– gay Latino Republican assaulted at Trump rally
– Jeff Sessions exposes lack of enforcement within ICE and Homeland Security
– immigration statistics
– modern slavery statistics
– Source? ….. GOOGLE IT!!!
– 9/11
– Zach from Rockie Gold calls in and we play their new song, ‘Hillary For Prison”
– Pizza Party Ben discussion
– Alex Jones!
– Milo-Ben Shapiro debate

…and much more! WARNING- This episode had more adult content than usual!

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