The RadFem Nightmare

If we truly are moving towards a progressive era in earnest, then 2018 is a major milestone in that journey. Businesses across the Western world are being coerced – or even forced – into hiring women for managerial positions on basis of their sex, and we as individuals must keep up with the ever-changing fashions of how we should refer to ethnic minorities, lest we face accusations of bigotry. It is all righteously enforced in the name of social justice.

This progressive ideology, however, is tolerant not to every sort of thought process or opinion, but only to every sort of superficial difference. On the surface, this seems quite harmless. For instance, if a rebellious young adult wishes to dye his hair neon green and tattoo herself from head to toe for fun, it is entirely inconsequential, and nobody thinks less of him for it. If a young woman desires to bring down the seemingly immortal patriarchy by pursuing some interest chiefly regarded as ‘masculine’, she may. If a man wishes to don a dress and some lipstick and mutilate his body, what does it matter if he declares himself a woman? We know he is not.

But we may not always.

In 2004, the UK introduced GRCs (Gender Recognition Certificates), a means for transgender or genderfluid people to have their choice recognised legally, and upon obtaining this certificate, it is possible to apply to edit your birth records. As of 2017, self-identification policies were first discussed, meaning that a person can decide that they are of the opposite sex without a psychiatric evaluation, which is “humiliating”. All but three US states have a similar policy in place, and, in a landmark ruling, Dutch courts decided that the gender marker on birth certificates could be changed to ‘gender undetermined’. This all means that, across the Western world, men can be legally recognised as women, and their ‘trans’ status rendered null and void.

This is what concerns ‘RadFems’ (radical feminists) in particular. Unlike the mainstream feminists of today, they recognise that men are men, and women are women – an idea that has somehow become something controversial. Men and women are different. They are different in physical strength, and different in their psychology. This complete assimilation of men into the female population has had some dire consequences.

For a start, sexual assaults are typically perpetrated by men who target women. As such, vulnerable women with poor tastes in partners, or who suffer from long-term stalking by their aggressors, for instance, sometimes need sex-specific sheltered housing. Sadly, there are those who take advantage of vulnerable women, and so it is wise to separate men from women – but if men can be recognised as women and women as men, any sex-related laws regarding the protection of vulnerable individuals cease to perform their function. We are likely to see a rise in sexual assaults against women by other women, statistically, and will forever be scratching our heads as to why such a trend has arisen.

Secondly, this has had grave consequences for sportsmanship. Being a professional sportsman is an honour, and the dedication involved is something to be admired. In March 2013, a male boxer named Fallon Fox spent 39 seconds in the ring with his opponent, Tamikka Brents – in a women’s tournament – and gave her a concussion. This was Fox’s fifth first-round victory in a row. The statement his opponent had to give?

“I’ve fought a lot of women and have never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night… her grip was different” 

This is not an isolated incident, and nor will it be, if we keep entertaining the idea that there is nothing wrong with someone who despises their being so entirely that they desire to mutilate it irreparably. If more countries go ahead with pushing the trans agenda, women in particular could find themselves at risk. This is not an apocalyptic prophesy, but a preventable reality that is tragic for many. The RadFem nightmare is that, across many areas of our society, sex will be reduced to whatever whims you entertain at the moment, with no thought to gender roles or to your own biology. It should be a nightmare for us all.