The Results Are In From Jill Stein’s Recounts In Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

Dr. Stein

In breaking news that should surprise absolutely nobody, Donald J. Trump’s victories in both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were verified last Monday (12/13/16).

In Wisconsin the finalized recount showed Mr. Trump beating out Ms. Clinton by 22,000 votes. In Pennsylvania the finalized recount showed Mr. Trump defeating Ms. Clinton by 44,000 votes.

All of this is much to the chagrin of former presidential Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, who, through generous donations from her base, financed the voter recount in Wisconsin. Her attempt to generate a recount effort in Michigan, however, has since fallen flat, only adding to the sting of the recounts.

What is quite amusing is that Stein alleged (completely without evidence it should be noted) that Trump had won through voter fraud when all of the relevant evidence shows rather conclusively that he actually won by a larger margin than had previously been acknowledged, that of +0.06 (+131 votes).

A spokesman for Stein and the Green Party made a public statement after word of the recount broke stating that the party was disappointed. It remains unknown whether Stein and co. will attempt a repeal, though knowing her the prospect seems likely, the success of such an action, however, will likely go the way of her recounts. Nowhere, and fast.


  • by Kaiter Enless