The Revolution Will Not Be Televised because the Revolution Won’t Happen.

First, they came for us who were willing to speak out against the far-Left’s madness and hate.

They came to our homes, our workplaces, our churches, our children’s schools. They have been beating us in the streets with bike locks, bricks, urine bottles, rocks, and flamethrowers.

They have been chasing our cars with rifles and crowbars and walking away with no charge and no jail time while conservatives sit in jail FOR YEARS for defending themselves.

They have been shooting up congressmen at baseball games and attacking them in their front yards, beating them until they cannot breathe.

People such as myself, have been speaking out for YEARS now, telling our stories of stalking, harassment and violence only to be called “Nazis.”

Now, they are coming for mainstream guys like Tucker Carlson.

This won’t end until we unite as Americans against these domestic terrorists known as the far-Left and Antifa and STOP demonizing normal, healthy, American families as “Nazis.”

We must stop being afraid. We must stop cowering at bully tactics.

Go ahead, wear an Info Wars shirt, share a Wife With A Purpose video, recommend Jesse Lee Peterson to a co-worker, buy tickets to an Owen Benjamin show and take your brother or cousin or sister to see it.

We are Americans, we are proud and we will not allow a Bolshevik revolution here. Not now, not ever.