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After looking back to the last four presidential campaigns, I have found that every Republican candidate was compared to Hitler. (See links below) Why in this campaign, is Godwin’s Law more prevalent than ever?

First off, don’t worry Trump haters, The Donald WILL NOT be our next president. The purpose of this election is to make you believe “the establishment” is not a bad thing after all. There are five candidates left within the two-party paradigm. Only one of them is not an establishment insider. We see a socialist democrat, a globalist democrat, a democrat-funded republican, a neoconservative republican, and a opportunist billionaire. Which one do you think isn’t part of the club?

If you read some of my older articles, you’ll learn about the tactics being used now by establishment members and their propaganda arm, the media. They were accurately predicted in a pretty damn good detail.

Let’s come back to the current campaign and focus on the Donald Trump/Hilter comparisons. It’s disgusting to me because it’s dishonors the millions of people who died because of one man’s psychotic vision for the world.

Adolf Hitler was screwed from the start. He grew up in a household with an abusive and misogynistic father. He was bi-polar, a narcissist, had PTSD from WWI, and reportedly suffered from schizophrenia.

Donald Trump grew up in a far more stable household, with a father who taught him about hard work and personal responsibility, and set him up with a million dollar loan which he used to build the business empire he has today. The two have egotistical tendencies from being in the public eye, but the comparisons stop there. Hell, I developed narcissistic tendencies from being in the spotlight on my radio show for 6 years. Does that make me Hitler?

Lets look at some of Donald Trump policy proposals that make his adversaries compare him to the Fuhrer. First, on terrorism, Donald Trump wants to take a more proactive approach on the matter. A majority of the world’s terrorist attacks are carried out by extremists who use the Islamic religion for their purpose, hence the description, Islamic terrorism. It’s a word that no democratic establishment member dare utter, because their policies include appeasement and self-shaming in a feeble attempt to make killers not want to kill us anymore. Has that worked?

In Israel, the world’s number one target for Islamic terrorists, their national security includes racial profiling, and….dun dun dunnnn … walls and fences with buffer zones. Intelligence agencies around the world rate Israel’s airport security, which includes racial profiling, as one of the best models for anti-terrorism measures.

We all see the reports of rockets being fired into Israel on a daily basis. Imagine the frequency if there was no walls and buffer zones. If you don’t know, since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, terrorists have fired more than 11,000 rockets into Israel. Over 5 million Israelis are currently living under threat of rocket attacks. More than half a million Israelis have less than 60 seconds to find shelter after a rocket is launched from Gaza into Israel. Read more about Israel.

Trump haters are outraged over the fact that Trump said he would target terrorist family members who might have helped support an attack. This is a glaring example of how successful the establishment’s propaganda has been. Since 2001, 8 weddings have been bombed by US forces, and keep in mind that, in these years, weddings haven’t been the only rites hit. US air power has struck gatherings ranging from funerals to a baby-naming ceremony. In Iraq alone, over 120,000 civilians have been killed as a result of the US invasion. Where were the Hitler comparisons and outrage over Obama and Bush? They are responsible for the deaths of 100’s of thousands of civilians.

Let me ask a question, and be honest with yourself when answering. Do you think the establishment wants open borders because they are compassionate people, or because they want to grow their voting base to hold permanent power? While you think about your answer, remember that these same establishment members continually vote against term limits while instructing law enforcement, border patrol, and ICE not to enforce already-existing immigration laws.

Donald trump wants to build a wall to stop the flow of illegals coming over our southern border. He wants to enforce laws that are already on the books. He, and other folks concerned about the effects on our economy, health, and national security are coined racists. When you have some time, please read these facts about the actual word ‘racist’ and apply them to modern day American politics. The compassionate open border crowd never look at the measures Mexico takes to protect their own southern border. Donald Trump wants a legal path to citizenship, and again, it’s already a current law that’s supposed to be enforced.

The current refugee crisis, the devaluation of the dollar, the arrival of new strains of tuberculosis, more bedbugs, our eroding civil liberties, and the rise of the police state are all results of weak and unintelligent immigration and anti-terrorism policies.

Donald Trump doesn’t have a “final solution” type policy regarding Mexicans and Middle Easterners. He doesn’t want to exterminate any race, religion, or gender. On a side note, some past Presidents that Trump haters celebrate today were responsible for some heinous acts against American citizens and illegal immigrants. Woodrow Wilson imprisoned over 175,000 Americans for criticizing the government. Franklin Roosevelt sent hundreds of thousands of Italians, Germans, and Japanese citizens to internment camps during WWII.

Did you know that a former KKK member endorsed Donald Trump? Of course you do. The establishment media reminds you of the David Duke endorsement on a daily basis. Did you know a current KKK Grand Dragon has endorsed Hillary Clinton? Probably not, if you only watch and read establishment propaganda. In the wake of the recent Confederate Flag controversy, I bet most of you didn’t know that the Clinton’s used it in the south during Bill’s campaign. Does that make the Clinton’s racist? I don’t think so.

In the wake of the rise of Islamic terrorism, why does the support of a strong national security policy, and the enforcement of already existing immigration laws make Donald Trump racist? If anything, it makes him the compassionate one. Every other country on this planet secures their border.

Before I finish, as a fun little exercise, I’m going to put Godwin’s Law to practice, just like democrats and the others who compare Trump to Hitler. – The Sturmabteilung, a wing of Hitler’s Nazi party, (Nazi means ‘national socialism for those who don’t know, which is exactly like Bernie Sanders’s new favorite term, ‘democratic-socialism’). The Sturmabteilung were also known as “brown shirts.” Their primary purposes were providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies, disrupting the meetings of opposing parties. Did you just read that? Their primary purposes were providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies, DISRUPTING THE MEETINGS OF OPPOSING PARTIES.

What is happening right now? Democratic globalist George Soros, is paying progressive, socialist, and democratic organizations to disrupt Donald Trump rallies. Craigslist ads are being run to hire modern-day brownshirts as well. George Soros is even funding Republican John Kasich in an attempt to stop the Donald. Anti-Trump establishment Republicans are now throwing their support behind Ted Cruz, the second place republican in the race in order to stop Trump. The establishment Republicans are now considering changing the national convention rules in order to prevent Trump from winning the nomination.

Who are the bad guys here? Who are the ones actually trying to impede the will of the American voter with tactics similar to Hitler’s gestapo? The answer is not Donald Trump. Does that make Trump’s political foes Hitler then? NO. No American politician, no matter how terrible their policies have been, or will be, comes anywhere near Adolf Hitler, so please, if you have any dignity, stop it.

I am a libertarian minded person, with a philosophy that borders on voluntarism and anarchism. By the way, research the word ‘anarchism‘ before you paint me as some Molotov cocktail-throwing, police-hating domestic terrorist that people wrongly look at us as. I do not support any candidate in this race. Donald Trump’s main problem is his inarticulateness, which gives his foes easy ammunition to paint him as unintelligent. Some people think the ‘tell it like it is’ style is great, but the lack of substance, and inability to explain his stances will ultimately dog him in the end. The man has had African American love interests, has Jewish family members, and has close business relationships with Muslim people. I guess it’s kind of noble not to wear that on his sleeve, but it would be helpful for him to point out those facts to counter the sleazy accusations being thrown his way. Like I said, he’s inarticulate, and along with an unhelpful campaign spokesperson, they cannot filter through the establishment’s lies. Like I said, the powers that be in Washington will do anything to prevent a Trump presidency. To do so would cause millions of votes to be discounted, and some, if not most with a blind hatred for Donald Trump will excuse it. In the end anti-Trump voters will be the real losers because they will have voted for tyranny, and a strengthening of the establishment.

It’s estimated that close to 12 million civilians died as a result of Hitler’s policies. Over 50 million people died trying to stop him in order to save the world. Zero people died as a result of Trump’s political aspirations, BUT, over a half million civilians have died, yes, over 500,000 people are gone because of the votes of the other two democrats and two republicans in this race. Where’s the outrage over that?

Over 6 million Jewish people are dead, and their deaths are being severely dishonored for political purposes, so it’s not outrageous to say that support for candidates who practice Godwin’s Law and spread terrible lies is just as despicable, and in this election year, a lesser of two-evils vote is a vote against your own dignity.


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