The Sufferings of the Youth

I have been thinking about this for a few days: the suffering that is seeming to grip young people
in the western world.

Per the Mental Health Commission of Canada, “1.2 million Canadian children and youth are
affected by mental illness.”

I imagine that these numbers would also be large in America and around the world. But even in
the developed east, like Japan, rests an uncertainty about how many people will fall victim to this

Dear reader, we are stopping the stigma, but not the illness.

I do not understand why, at least in my country, that so many people have fought for the words
“Stop the stigma” yet at the same time, lessened funding to doctors and nurses. This is a direct
contradiction in terms.

I also find that the hedonism and the west’s penchant for hedonism, will only make this worse.
As someone who has seen the mentally ill youth first hand, I cannot say honestly that enough is
being done to help.

The people that I saw seek treatment never fully recovered, but they continued to live a life of
substance abuse, and activities that further exacerbated the mental illness they carried.

This brings me to a point: the hedonism of the west, of the secular west, is destroying the youth.
Remember, in liberalism, personal responsibility is not a dictum, it is freedom.

In this case, I believe leftists have interpreted this as “freedom from responsibilities” which of
course appeals to the young, who have a natural rebellion to authority figures.

With leftist leaders, this situation will be and is being exploited.

During my high school career, I had remembered a leftist teacher encouraging the class, who was
of age to vote, to vote for the liberal party of Canada. What many of my peers voted for this
party was for the legalization of marijuana, nothing more.

And although I can understand why liberalism can appeal to my peers, I do not understand why
he legalization of a drug, for recreational purposes mind you, is a valid requisite for the

And although this seems I am trying to point the fingers to the stoners and the hedonists, this
isn’t particularly my goal. But what the youth want is freedom from responsibility, and this is what frightens me.

Are the youth of today supposed to take the honeyed words of their politicians who wear the
mask of liberalism to gain political support?

The leftists are using the naivety and the natural liberal thinking of youth as tools for their

Make no mistake, the left does not care about liberty; they operate with its name but are as far
away from it as the ones who preach tolerance cause the most violence when met with resistance.

I have an awful feeling about the future of my peers.

Many of my friends seem to suffering from some sort of illness, and yet, they cannot realize that
their lack of responsibility for their own health has worsened it.

The youth say they want the substance. They will receive the substance. Their mental state will
worsen. Then they will claim victimhood.

This is already started, and I would implore you, reader, to keep a wide eye open about the
desires of my millennial peers.


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