The Why of Anti-Communist Action

If you aren’t very active within the social media sphere of politics, especially the memes, you might be asking yourself, what is ‘Anti-Communist Action’? Anti-Communist Action (a parody of the well-known communist terror cell ‘Anti-Fascist Action’ or ‘AntiFa’) is a social media brand that signifies a new fast growing alliance of the right.

The brand was founded by “Hoppean-AnCaps” (right leaning anarcho-capitalists) in response to the surge in violent demonstrations by radical leftists in America. Since its recent inception in early 2017, it has become a trademark for the increasing antipathy – particularly among Millennials and Generation Z – towards the authoritarian left that’s showing no signs of slowing down.

What it is not is a moralistic crusade for social conservatism, nor is it a collective fangirling of the Trump administration, demonstrated by the vicious response to his recent militarily intervention in Syria. Quite different than the pseudo rightist neocons like John McCain & Bill Mitchell who actively endorse the dissolvement of western values such as liberal enlightenments and property rights. You heard me right, the republican establishment are leftists too.

Anti-Communist Action is rooted in the principled defense of western values. The demand for this defense is growing rapidly throughout all major western developments, including one of the largest institutions guilty of failing my generation.

Dystopian Academia

It’s no secret that leftist ideology has never been a friend of liberty. While fascism and the authoritarian right are threats that should certainly not be ignored, the champions of this unified campaign against leftism believe it is necessary to securing the future for a liberty-minded generation.

Several major phenomenon motivated the formation of Anti-Communist Action. One of the most notable is the fight for free speech on college campuses.

Intellectual diversity has long been subject to suppression by Marxist ideologues. Students and professors alike have become increasingly radical in their advocacy for leftism, from calls for safe spaces to violent extremism such as the riots at UC Berkeley, a fascistic demonstration instigated by the ironically named AntiFa (Anti-Fascist) group.

Freedom of speech has always been and continues to be a hallmark of liberalism. As students from all political backgrounds grow tired of irrational censorship campaigns and tone policing, they’re beginning to develop a disdain for the hypersensitive progressive zealots that are responsible for this madness. As a result, we’ve seen a pushback against social authoritarianism, cultural Marxism, and all associated efforts trying to impose a new wave of draconian lifestylism.

Rejection of academic propaganda from leftists is becoming a greater trend across campuses. Proven falsehoods, such as the gender pay gap and ‘one in five’ rape statistics, continue to be championed by the left in a desperate defense of their dogmatism and lust for power. Every day, more students are waking up to this pathetic fear mongering, turning to alternative information sources, in search of facts pertaining to history and current events.

For nearly a century, the institution of academia has been a secure monopoly for indoctrinating youth in the promotion of authoritarian Marxism and statism. Only in the last decade has that monopoly shown any signs of disruption. However, this response to leftism isn’t isolated to identity obsessed hysterics on campus. While classical liberalism is steadily gaining momentum in the culture war, we’re also seeing a rising interest in economic realism (a.k.a.: Austrian Economics).

Destroying the Brand of Economic Leftism

The Millennial generation has always been fond of the idea of central economic planning. Political progressivism and even socialism have been seen as net positives for everyone, especially the youth. Promises of free college tuition, free healthcare, free “whatever will get your vote” sounded like a good thing. That is starting to change.

As my generation matures into early- and mid-adulthood, certain financial realities are starting to sink in. Many Millennials are waking up to learn, first hand, the negative effects of government involvement in the marketplace. They’re now receiving calls regarding payments on those huge federal student loans they were so enthusiastic about once, realizing that the consequence for government subsidization is an impending financial crisis on the $1.4 trillion student loan debt in America.

They’re starting to realize the cost of giving everyone guaranteed health insurance. Contrary to the promise of “forcing those evil billionaires to pay their fair share”, it turns out these laws impact their wallets the most. Obamacare causes employment instability, stemming from human resource managers being buried in bureaucracy. Premiums are skyrocketing for young and healthy adults, covering those with preexisting conditions and the elderly. They’re facing financial penalties if they can’t afford to enter an exchange or choose to abstain from one.

In addition to economic hardships of their own, young people are seeing the effects of socialism in developing countries such as Venezuela. They’re watching, in real time, the mass poverty, suffering, and social injustice that it creates, and the utter ignorance displayed by western left-wing populists like Bernie Sanders, who praised socialist Venezuela as a model to follow.

They’re privy to the crony capitalist entities that prop up failing industry, bail out banks, and subsidize elites. Unlike the illiterate reactionism displayed by the Occupy movement, Anti-Communist Action is fully aware of the causes of economic decay in the west. They are focused on ending redistributionist policies that siphon wealth from the working class to the state. They realize that bureaucracy is a tool being exploited to serve the interests of multinational corporations, giving them more power to control the market, not the other way around. Regulatory capture, systemic poverty: all consequences of increased state involvement in commerce.

No Time Like the Present

If there was ever a time for a full-throttle advocacy push for the principles of social and economic freedom, this is it. AntiFa and other communist factions will continue to garner more and more popularity as the left’s desperation festers. Their reputation for violence and misinformation is already becoming mainstream, as exemplified in this catchy music video.

The goal of Anti-Communist action is to take advantage of the decline in favorability towards leftist ideology and ensure that they cannot escape association. It’s important that their tactics and ideology are exposed for what they are. Leftists will attempt to portray bad PR moments as some fringe radicalization that is completely void of any relation to moderate progressivism. But that’s a falsehood.

“Behind the honeyed but patently absurd pleas for equality is a ruthless drive for placing themselves (the elites) at the top of a new hierarchy of power,” observed Murray Rothbard

Extreme leftist elements are an inevitable manifestation of an authoritarian philosophy of hyper egalitarianism that can be traced back to every mainstream leftist revolutionary, from Karl Marx to Vladimir Lenin, Che Guevara and George Soros. The lust for absolute dominance over the market and all those who inhabit it has always been their end goal. Their elitism – whether masked by politics, globalism, or corporatism – reeks of the same good intentions that were championed by the worst tyrants history has ever faced. The good news is that a digital resistance is forming against them.

Marketing Freedom as an Offensive

For a long time, libertarianism has served as a reactionary defense against encroaching illiberal tyranny, but freedom isn’t a reaction to aggression. It’s a default to which all individuals are entitled. It’s a position that should be maintained through philosophical superiority, not passive intersectionality.

Anti-Communist Action is a proposition to a new approach to building a freer society. More people than ever are motivated in the fight against the federal leviathan that is plaguing the west. Unfortunately, though, we’re not going to get there via the typical Gary Johnson style approach of mediocre anti-statism. It’s time to stop begging for mercy and lead the charge.

As the likes of CNN and Fox News fade into obscurity, freedom lovers have managed to lay claim to alternative media. Millennials and Gen-Z have grown up with the means of full unregulated online expression, truly the closest we have ever experienced to a free marketplace of ideas in human history, and they’re not willing to surrender it. Whether it be from a position of philosophical principle or self-interest, they understand the value of intellectual liberty. With this understanding comes a desire to utilize their power to preserve it.

Legacy media, academia, and politics may be forever lost to leftists and neocons, but, social media is shaping up to be an institution that could, for once, be colonized by and for freedom lovers worldwide. This is an opportunity that we cannot afford to miss, and I think a New Right alliance is the best way to secure it.

Many libertarians have voiced concerns about being associated with less-than-desirable groups, such as religious moralists, conspiracy theorists, and the occasional white nationalist. Some are concerned with the infamous desire to be neutral and “criticize both sides equally”. These fears, while valid, in my opinion are outweighed by the rewards that would come from such support.
“Don’t tread on me” is no longer a fair warning. It has been ignored time and time again. The tread is already occurring. We know which philosophies legitimize the tread. We know what entities execute the tread. The question now is will we address this aggression against human action in a way that suppresses the authoritarians or will we allow tolerance for the continued suffering of millions at the hands of an ideological framework that will never offer tolerance for us?

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